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We are in technology world, where communication is made easier. But you can’t expect proper communication in all days, since technology will fail during certain situation. You device will lack in signals, when unforeseen conditions occur. Especially, your network will fail, if natural calamities occur. Then how you will communicate with others? Do you think it is possible to communicate with other, if your internet and mobile network connection is not working? Yes it is possible if you make use of amateur radio. It works using satellite signal, so communication will done smoothly. When you are travelling to island, then mobile connection won’t help you, so you need to depend on this network. We started to use this not in recent years; this is in use before several decades. More technology innovations are taken place, but nothing can work better than this.

You need to accept this truth. It work using signal from satellite, so you need computers, wireless connection and other required things. No need to lack in communication during uncertain condition, so communicate freely. Alert people during emergency condition; use this and communicate freely. People who work in DX will be much happier for it. This is a social activity, where people and society are benefited with it. You too can become a part of it, if you are interested on it, you won’t require much skills to work on it. They will offer training to you and then you can start working on it. Especially, they will offer you license; without it, you can’t work on it. This network is active all round the clock if the signals are proper. This is in use from the period of 90’s. If you are interested in becoming a radio amateur then you need to join with them. They will offer you proper training.

Uses in various fields

Do you want to know uses of it in various filed of work then make use of the following lines. This is used during emergence condition. During emergency conditions, you can’t expect mobile network to work proper. If you lack in mobile communication, since network is weak, then you can make use of this device to connect with people. It is not used to communicate personal information. It is also used in island; DX people working in island to communicate freely, so you can make use of them and communicate freely. They are trained in this field of work, so they aware about working process. They connect with satellite to track the location and also aware how far their communication will reach.

Beauty of those people is that they won’t work in all areas as well as all cities, since they work on selected cities, where communication through phones is not possible. When you refer website then you will come to know about their working. They will plan their work in selected are, so get aware about it by searching through website. It also helps you to communicate with people in space. This is an added advantage of this amateur radio. Stay connected with people where network is weak.