The SOLE fitness LCR light commercial recumbent bike is one of the highly rated, reviewed and often recommended as best buy options by the users. What makes it really popular is the comfortable and technologically advanced nature of the machine which is so durable, that it comes with lifetime frame warranty. This machine will let you do the most inconvenient kind of workouts very conveniently sitting right at your home.

Save money on your electricity bills

While most other equipments that are so technically advanced and easy to use consume lot of electricity, this machine doesn’t NEED any external source of power. This makes it a lot more viable as you can place it almost anywhere without worrying about electricity supply.

Resemble the machine yourself and move it anywhere…

The strong built of this recumbent exercise bike does not actually mean that the product is heavy. In fact, built with heavy steel tubing and aluminum shroud, it is extremely strong, highly durable and the same time light in weight. It is a multipurpose machine that can be used for various kinds of training including cardio, strength training, fat burn etc. This makes it not just suitable for home but also for commercial purposes like hotels, gyms, clinics, fitness clubs etc. where the equipments are subjected to multiple users, some of whom may use it very rashly. Whatever be the environment, this recumbent bike is going to last you long to serve the purpose.

This product has a compact design that requires little space and can be set up easily without any hassle. We ensure that you do not have to read bunches of papers just to resemble this fitness equipment rightly. So just go for it without thinking twice about the time consuming setup tasks because it is not going to take much time. Moreover it comes with wheels so you can easily move the machine around your workplace.

Some awesome features that we just cannot wait to talk about…

It comes with an impressive 300lb weight capacity and can inspire even the beginners to exercise daily with its 40 different level setups of ECB resistance. This feature just captured my imagination and yes you read that right 40 levels. So it can pose quite a challenge as well for advanced users also.

It makes very little noise, so can definitely place it anywhere in office, schools, and hospitals etc. where louder equipments do not fit well.

The large blue backlit console makes it easier to set choice between 10 challenging programs that are already installed.

Your height really does not matter. Just adjust the seat position with a side handle and you are ready to start your workout. It comes with 12 possible sitting adjustments that will help you sit comfortable with relaxed muscles (of course other than the intended one) and perform your daily exercise routine.

This equipment is designed in such a way that it will not put any extra sprain on your knees or other joints and help you maintain a correct posture while exercising.

If you are among the ones who like to sit with everything possible to feel comfortable and motivated during the workout then it machine has to top your “buy now” list. It comes with water bottle holder to keep you hydrated, heart rate monitor on handlebars, chest strap for hands free application, integrated speakers for listening to your favorite playlist while exercising and even a built-in fan to keep you cool throughout your working regime.