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Adipex-P are capsules, which treats obesity in people who have fat mass problems. These are only for the overweight and obese. People who have a max index of around 27 or more, and have other health issues related to them should consume this drug. It is important to note that no one below 16 years old can consume this drug.

You will get the Adipex-P capsules or tablets online, but you must know that you cannot legally buy these without a prescription. When you follow a proper exercise routine and a low calorie diet, and you of course have a doctor’s guidance behind you, you can use this drug for losing weight.

The active ingredient in Adipex-P is Phentermine Hydrochloride. The Phentermine tablets work like stimulants on our central nervous system and that makes us feel less hungry. It is also beneficial for metabolizing food quickly.

Where to buy Adipex-P?

Places like USA, Australia, and more, you would not get the drug without prescription. You could go to your local pharmacy to check for some discounts on these drugs, but you would have to give them a valid prescription.

You can also get the Phentermine pills online, but you have to be careful on purchasing such products. If you buy it in places where it is known to be controlled substances, then you might be getting into legal problems.

For buying these pills online or offline, you must try and get a physician consulted for this. If you have a valid prescription, it will be beneficial for you to get hold of the right products. There is a simply logic behind going to the doctor – first of you all, your doctor will be able to judge if at all you can use this drug according to your age and medical condition, and secondly, you will have higher chances to get a safe product.

Adipex-P Dosage

Adipex is only recommended for adults and they can have about 37.5 mg of the drug every day. If you take the drug around 1-2 hours after breakfast or right before breakfast. Do not have the drug at night because it can lead you onto insomnia. Your dosage will be measured according to your need. You must ask your physician what the right dosage is. You should also know the exact time when you should take it and when you shouldn’t.


The Adipex-P capsules or tablets have been found effective losing weight on obese people. If you take this medication and also plan to have a healthier lifestyle you will benefit from this drug. Start having a low calorie diet and exercise regularly. It can reduce conditions related to obesity. Conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, osteoarthritis and types of cancers, are related to obesity. With healthier lifestyle you can turn into a healthier self. People, who tend to use Adipex-P with supervision of their doctors, are likely to only get the positive impacts.