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Every person needs to have an appealing smile which delivers self-confidence. Smiles are made of teeth with good dental hygiene. Teeth hygiene is essential and is basically achieved through quality dental healthcare. Here at Images Dental, we bring your dream into a living reality by providing cutting-edge dental health care services for your dentition. Dental care is very significant to everyone as teeth are a gold organ in our bodies.

Images Dental vibrant team is a professional team providing dental care services which are satisfactory to the dental clients and all the governing dental professional organizations. We create attractive smiles which make your world glitter.

Our services are available for your convenience. We offer appointments to our customers every morning hours, daytime hours and evening hours of every working day. We also offer our appointments on Saturdays. This schedule enables you to apt to your busy schedule. To provide pleasurable and exciting appointments with you at Images Dental, we provide direct billing to all Insurance companies and unpaid Wi-Fi as complementary services within our customer reception area.

Emergency issues are regarded highly and thus handled immediately they occur at the customers’ convenience. At Images Dental you are assured of quality dental health care for during all your longstanding appointments with us.

Services offered at Images Dental


When one or more teeth are lost or destroyed, we fix a dental bridge to fill the gap using artificial teeth.


Caps which are shaped like a tooth are placed over a tooth to envelop the tooth thus revitalizing its shape, strength, size and its way of appearance.

Root Canal Treatment/Endodontic

Treatment services to the teeth root canal are offered through the expulsion of the injured, dead or tainted pulp away from the tooth.

Dental Implant

Dental implants involve replacing one or more missing teeth (or tooth) giving them the functionality of the original natural teeth.


This are shells which are custom made using teeth colored materials used in providing a cover for teeth which may be besmirched, curved or atrociously shaped.

Periodontal Therapy

This involves the medication of all associated periodontal defects. These diseases are caused by bacteria which raid and wreck teeth gums and the jawbone.

Images Dental Technology

Our professional team of technicians use the latest technology of dental care like digital teeth scanning and internal milling units. These dental technicians contrive high-quality dental bridges and crowns.

Family Dentistry

We provide quality family dentist services to all members of the family including the kids.

Extraction of the teeth

We offer teeth extraction services and fix dentures to interested clients.

Whitening of the teeth

Discolored and tainted teeth can be whitened at Images Dental using competent methods that give you back a pleasant white smile.


This is plastic coatings which are thin in shape colored on the chewing surface of the back teeth to impede tooth decay.

Night Guard

This is a removable acrylic device used to alleviate temporomandibular joint pains and other teeth grinding effects.