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The toilet is one thing that needs to be looked and handled carefully in the homestead.

They are known to be humid due to water that is always in the cistern hence a right place for bacteria to hide.

Bacteria can also consume wastes that are in toilet thereby releasing gases that smell bad. These bacteria’s can also spread to other parts of household causing contaminations. Therefore, it is vital to observe the hygiene of the toilet.

It is for these reasons that we analyzed some of the things you need to know about observing the toilet hygiene. Scroll down to learn more.

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Always block your toilet using toilet lid every time you are flushing.

Do you know that every time you flush your toilet open you spread the bacteria in your household’s items? Toilet bacteria are found in the flush and the toilet bowl.

Flushing the toilet while the lid is open makes the bacteria to be projected in the air for about 1.5 m high. If you allow the bacteria to be projected into the air, they will cover your personal belongings such as the toothbrush. It is therefore advisable to shut the lid of the toilet every time you are flushing to block the bacteria.

Interestingly, many people forget to clean the toilet brush. Toilet brush can also spread bacteria if it is left uncared for.

You should always make sure that you wash it and leave it in a dry condition as when it is humid it can be harboring place for bacteria.

Flushing, while the toilet lid is open, does not only spread bacteria but also spreads faeces. Some tiny, when hit by flush, can jump some distance high hence covering your item with faeces. This sounds Yuk, yes. Prevent it by flushing while the lid is closed.

Make sure that your toilet is not blocked

Blocked toilets act as breeding point for the bacteria. When bacteria stay with faeces for a long time they multiply and therefore can fill your house. This makes your house to smell bad as they breed, feed on wastes and produces a very unpleasant smell.

It is advisable always to have toilet plungers in your toilet. However, sometimes your toilet can be blocked, and you don’t have plungers at your disposal. In this case, it is essential to learn how you can unblock it before calling the help of a professional.

To unblock, you should pour a lot of washing gel into the toilet as it can help to lubricate hence unblocking. You can also add warm water as it helps to scourge the blocking materials and watch whether it will solve the problem. However, do not add boiling water.

Good hygiene is something that you can compromise when it comes to your toilet. Do not risk your health, the health of your kids and that of your family members by living with a toilet full of bacteria.

Do you want to live with a non-smelly toilet? Follow the above guideline and put that information into practice and you will not regret.