As a man, you should understand how vital testosterone is to your body. If you do not have a sufficient amount of testosterone, there is a good chance that you’re going to experience problems in the near future. Your libido may decrease and you might even have a tough time building muscles. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to boost your testosterone and you do not always need to take prescription medications to do so. Within this in-depth guide, you’re going to discover tips for boosting your testosterone levels safely.


Are you the type of individual who loves pumping iron in the gym? If so, you’ll be happy to know that weightlifting can make a huge difference. Men who lift weights in the gym tend to have higher testosterone levels than those who do not. Research has concluded that resistance training can help stimulate the production of testosterone. Just remember to take 90 second breaks after each and every set. This will allow you to keep your testosterone levels at the maximum.

Vitamin D

While you’re at it, you should know that additional vitamin D can help. In fact, vitamin D is one of the best natural supplements to boost testosterone. If you’re not interested in taking supplements, you’ll want to avoid them and get out in the sun more often. More exposure to the sun can help increase testosterone levels.

Zinc Deficiencies

You also need to understand that your testosterone levels can be impacted by a zinc deficiency. If you’re suffering from a zinc deficiency, there is a pretty good chance that your testosterone levels are surprisingly low. You can potentially solve this problem by using D-aspartic acid. Alternatively, you should take steps to correct your zinc levels. Fix your zinc deficiency and you’ll be able to simultaneously increase testosterone levels.

You can use zinc supplements or you can eat fortified cereals, oysters, beef, crab or pork.


There is no doubt that caffeine comes with tons of risks. Nevertheless, it can have some benefits as well. For instance, caffeine is capable of flooding you with energy. It can also boost concentrations of testosterone. Just make sure that you are very cautious about taking in too much caffeine. If you do, you’re going to experience adverse effects. The best sources of caffeine include chocolate, tea and coffee.

Increase Protein Intake

If you are an athlete, you already know the importance of protein, as it plays a major role in weight management, energy, producing insulin and fighting infections. Without adequate protein in your diet, you will be at risk of low testosterone. Increasing your protein intake will not only help you lose fat quicker, but also help you optimize your testosterone levels.

Protein-rich foods include lentils, flat iron steak, Mung beans, almonds, anchovies, avocados, asparagus, carrots, codfish, Goji berries, prawns, rice and sunflower seeds.

Lose Weight

Finally, you should also action to lose weight. Too much bodyweight is going to cause your testosterone levels to dip significantly lower. You can rectify this problem by losing weight right away. In return, this will allow your body to produce more testosterone as quickly as possible.