7 Ways to Keep Your Teeth Healthy | Island Family Dental

Teeth health is one of the crucial aspects of your body because the teeth play a significant role in ensuring that food is properly chewed. However, teeth go through numerous health hazards due to the food we ingest. The mouth has multiple bacteria meant for breaking food down, especially sugars. If food particles remain in the mouth, the bacteria digest the food and produce acids that erode the teeth. Keeping the teeth sugar-free ensures that the teeth are strong. Here are important tips to help you keep your teeth healthy and strong.

Visit The Dentist

Have an appointment with your doctor at least twice a year. The dentist will analyze the teeth’s health condition, detect possible cracks and decay, and curb them before they happen. Your doctor will also check the condition of the gums and the overall health of the mouth. If you suspect a dental decay, have a dentist to check out the reason for the sensitivity before you start extracting teeth.

Use Mouthwash And Drink Lots Of Water

Mouth wash reduces the acidity in the mouth, cleans up the gum, and adds essential minerals such as calcium to the teeth. Also, mouth wash gives your mouth a fresh breath. Drinking water is also crucial as it washes down food particles. Also, water containing fluoride will strengthen the teeth, making them resistant to decay.

Brush Your Teeth Every Night

Since childhood, brushing your teeth has always been emphasized. Think about it — you sleep for at least seven hours with your mouth closed. The temperature in your mouth creates a conducive environment for bacteria to digest the food particles left in your mouth. Therefore, you must clean your teeth before you sleep to avoid corrosion of the enamel.

Add Calcium To Your Diet

Ensure your diet has enough calcium in it. Calcium is a crucial element in the teeth as it makes the teeth stronger. Some calcium foods include milk, kale, cheese, and yogurt. When your enamel is weak, you are likely to crack your teeth and also susceptible to dental caries.

Using Toothpaste With Fluoride

Fluoride makes the tooth resistant to acids produced by bacteria in the mouth. It also makes the enamel stronger and is known to reverse the effects of tooth decay. Fluoride is used in water due to its ability to kill multiple bacteria that thrive in water. Ensure to brush your teeth with a little bit of fluoride for a healthier mouth. However, a high amount of fluoride in the teeth can cause teeth coloration.

Avoid Processed Sugars

Increased sugars in the teeth encourage bacteria to break down the sugars into glucose, involving lactic acid production. As lactic acid accumulates on the teeth, it starts eroding the tooth. The enamel wastes away and forms a hole as you feed on sugars. When food gets into the cavity, it pokes the tooth’s sensitive part, resulting in pain. Tooth decay may result in tooth extraction.

Brush Well

When brushing your teeth, ensure you do it correctly. Brush one tooth at a time and on both sides. Also, use a gentle brush on the gums to avoid bleeding. Floss your teeth after brushing to remove food particles between the teeth. Also, don’t forget to brush your tongue because it carries some minute food particles in the small perforations. If you forget to clean the tongue, your mouth can produce a bad odor even after brushing.

Keeping the teeth healthy is easy. All you need is to ensure you visit your dentist at least twice per annum. Also, ensure to practice teeth hygiene routines like brushing regularly, flossing your teeth, eating calcium food, and brushing your teeth properly.