Winter is that part of the year which none of us like. Plants shed their leaves and snow cover the ground, and a freezing cold makes us shiver and even fall sick at times! Staying healthy in winter is a challenge. But, if you follow a few small pieces of advice, you can successfully combat the cold and keep yourself away from diseases. 

So, here are a few tips that you can follow to keep yourself healthy throughout the season:

• Eat Healthy: In order to keep yourself healthy in winter, you need to have some healthy foods and incorporate vegetables like leafy greens and potatoes in your diet. Your daily diet must contain food rich in minerals such as zinc and vitamins.

Go for the citrus fruits like oranges and lime that are rich in multivitamins this winter. Garlic, ginger, and echinacea will also help you to increase your immunity.

Also, whole grains such as balsamic oatmeals will prove helpful. Not just for breakfast, you can have them for dinner too! While cooking, use spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cumin, and paprika. During the afternoon, salads can be a healthy choice; for the evening, go for a cup of hot tomato soup.

• Work Out: If you sit idle at one corner of the room, the biting cold will find it easy to loosen your joints. So, try to remain as much active as you can. If you can’t step out of your home due to the cold, engage yourself in some indoor exercises and games that will help you to sweat and keep you warm.
• Incorporating multivitamins this winter into your diet is a must to keep yourself healthy. Vitamin C will give you healthy blood vessels and keep influenza away. You will find it in citrus fruits like orange. Vitamin A, found in milk and egg yolk, will bring a glow into your dull winter skin. Vitamin E, which is rich in anti-oxidants is another essential multivitamin to try this winter.  You can find it in nuts and oil.  
• Sleep Well: A good night’s sleep is the best way to keep well in winter. Sleeping increases your immunity and helps you to stay fit even in the cold weather. So, a long sleep under the blanket is a must during winter. 
• Sanitary Measures:  If someone catches a cold in your family or suffers from the flu, ask him or her to use a handkerchief every time he or she sneezes. Otherwise, it may spread diseases to the other members of the family. Also, use hand sanitizers to protect yourself from the germ.  

If you do not like to eat fruits and vegetables, there is an alternative way to supply your body with the multivitamins this winter and take the multivitamin pillthat is meant for you to stay fit and healthy during this winter!