Oxytocin is a naturally occurring hormone in the human body that has a critical role in stability and affiliation. Produced in larger amounts in the female brain, oxytocin also plays a role in the reproductive function of the female body. The oxytocin nasal spray is a recent concept developed by doctors to be used for functions including improving sociability and communication in children suffering from autism as well as an anti-anxiety drug.

You need to use the nasal spray properly in order to increase the amount of oxytocin absorption and function in the body. The following are some of the things to consider when using the nasal spray

  • The most important thing you should know about oxytocin is that it is supposed to be absorbed by the mucous membranes in the nasal ridge and not by the lungs. Therefore, you should not pull the spray into your lungs. The oxytocin should be absorbed directly into the circulatory system to target the brain. Snorting and swallowing the oxytocin liquid also decrease the rate of absorption because the oxytocin cannot pass the gut barrier.
  • Oxytocin does not absorb as fast as power, therefore if you are inhaling it wrongly and most of it is not being absorbed into the brain, you may think the drug does not work.
  • Oxytocin is a peptide, a fairly long chain protein and not a drug. You should swirl the liquid in the spray bottle in a circular motion before spraying it on the inside of your nostril. Shaking the bottle vigorously will destroy the peptides and reduce oxytocin function and absorption. You should spray once and inhale very gently. To avoid swallowing the liquid, you should not suck it in or snort the oxytocin after spraying it.
  • You should not clear your nose before spraying the oxytocin into the nostrils. You want to avoid clearing the nasal passage because the oxytocin will remain in your nose. You need to maximize the absorption of the oxytocin by having the peptides in the mucous and close to the membranes.
  • When spraying, you are targeting the inside surface of your nostrils. You should not spray the bottle directly up your nose, aim it in a slight angle so the peptides will land on the inside surface of your nostrils. You may get better results by spraying it once in both nostrils.

What to expect after spraying oxytocin

The effects of oxytocin can be quite subtle for most people. However, in people with autism it has a tremendous effect in social interaction; for instance, eye contact becomes easier after using the nasal spray. Unlike anti-anxiety medication that depresses the nervous system, oxytocin increases the internal signal of trust and communication making it a better option. There could be an increase in social activity after a few days of using the nasal spray as well. Oxytocin is not a pheromone; however, it would need to be in very high concentrations in the air to have an effect on others.