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Cancer treatment can be difficult for the entire family, but having the right medical supplies on hand can help make life easier. Whether treating with chemotherapy or radiation, these supplies will bring comfort and make the patient’s life as close to normal as possible.

1. Shower Chair

Cancer treatment can cause an array of side effects, but fatigue will have the biggest impact on the patient’s daily routine. It may be surprising to hear, but standing in the shower for five to ten minutes takes a tremendous amount of energy.

A shower chair will make it easier for the patient to bathe and will require very little energy on his or her part.

Shower chairs can be purchased from local medical supply stores, or you can ask your doctor for recommendations on where to make your purchase.

2. No-Rinse Soap and Shampoo Basin

At times, the fatigue can become so extreme that it becomes difficult to even sit up in bed. In these situations, showering is out of the question. Bathing may also be restricted after surgery.

A no-rinse soap can help patients feel clean and refreshed without having to overexert themselves. No water is required when using these products, which makes it easier for caregivers to keep the patient feeling as close to normal as possible in terms of hygiene.

Inflatable shampoo basins are also available that make it easy to wash the patient’s hair in bed and without making a mess. The basin can be deflated after use to save on space.

3. Bed Tray

A bed tray is an essential item for patients being treated for cancer. In many cases, treatment leaves patients bed-ridden for an extended period of time. A tray makes it easy for patients to eat in bed or read.

Some trays sit nicely on the bed over the patient’s lap, while others are wheeled to allow for a sturdier surface. The latter option is similar to the trays used in hospitals.

In-bed trays are typically the best option for home use because they are easy to reposition and remove without taking up too much space.

4. Nosey Cups

When patients are too tired to sit up and drink, a nosey cup can help ensure they remain hydrated. Nosey cups are specially designed to allow users to drink while laying down. One side of the cup features a cut-out for your nose, so the cup can be tilted without spilling.

5. Blanket Support

Patients undergoing radiation therapy can benefit from a blanket support. Treatment can leave the skin feeling very sensitive to the point where blankets can be irritating.

A blanket support keeps the blanket up off of the skin just enough to prevent irritation while keeping the warmth.

6. Bedside Commode

Nausea and diarrhea are common side effects of chemotherapy. In some cases, the urgency can be so great, patients have a hard time making it to the restroom. A bedside commode ensures patients are prepared for such situations.

These six medical supplies will help make life for both the patient and the caregiver much easier. Support and patience can also go a long way in helping the patient get through this difficult time.