A bad breath is the worth thing that you can possibly carry around. It’s not just embarrassing but also greatly lowers your self confidence. Well, you should always be seeking help when it comes to bad breath as the reasons could be many. However, a common one is a denture. Dentures, like your natural teeth, need all the care and maintenance. Those wearing dentures are in fact more prone to contacting bacterial growth that causes the foul smell. It’s all about cleaning – brushing, flossing and gurgling. With dentures, it’s evident why there’s a greater chance of food particles getting stuck in the mouth. You need to be extra cautious.

So, why dentures smell?

The smell of bad breath from those wearing dentures comes from the same bacterial accumulation. However, with dentures, the acrylic surface offers more pores and pockmarks for the bacteria to reside. Consequently, normal brushing of yur teeth might not be enough. Doctors advise specially made denture brushes along with foaming toothpastes that will be able to penetrate and flush out these microscopic gaps.

How to maintain clean dentures?

Rinse with warm water

Dirty dentures are unhygienic and unpleasant. Those wearing them need to regularly gurgle with Luke warm water. Technically, this should be done after every meal but is most advisable before you go to sleep. It is the night’s inactivity that will lead to maximum bacterial growth.

Denture brushes

Special brushed for dentures are designed to flush out particles that wouldn’t have been possible to remove with a normal brush. Use a denture brush along with foaming toothpaste to clean out anything that has got stuck in between. This will ensure that there is minimum reason for foul smelling bacteria to develop.

Clean every night

As already said, it is necessary that you clean your dentures once every night at the minimum. Use non-abrasive toothpaste or a special denture cream to brush your teeth. It is advisable that you don’t use abrasive pastes as this will only lead to decaying of the denture surface and opening our premises for bacterial growth. Even tiny scratches, barely visible to the eye, can be the cause of the foul smell that your friends complain of.

Regular denture removal

Apart from cleaning, it is also necessary that you go for periodic replacement of the old dentures. Over time, there will be scratches in a denture and no matter how hard you try, bacteria will always find a place. This is when you know to go to your dentist and ask for a replacement. Removal of old dentures also offers a small window to clean the tissues that are covered by the dentures, out of the reach of your brush.

Good denture adhesive

When using denture, it is necessary that you also go for a high quality of adhesive that not only sticks the material in place but also does add to the bacterial rot.

Apart from these, you can also go for ultrasonic cleaning tools to reach places that would be hard otherwise. Seek the advice of your dentist for the best results.