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As any wheelchair user, or somebody that cares for somebody in a wheelchair, knows, trying to organize a vacation can be an incredibly challenging and stressful task. Unfortunately, many places around the world are behind the times in terms of accessibility which can make it difficult to plan a trip. You will need to make sure that the flights, accommodation, travel, activities, restaurants and other important parts of a trip and all accessible as otherwise it can make it challenging to get around. Vacations should always be relaxing and enjoyable, which is why it is important for those in a wheelchair to select destinations that are known for being accessible. Read on for a few of the wheelchair-friendly places around the world.

Barcelona, Spain

There are few destinations as glamorous as Barcelona. The Catalonian capital is famous for its rich culture, incredible architecture and fabulous food along with the iconic soccer team. It is one of the major tourist cities in the world and it is easy to see why, plus it is also progressive and forward-thinking when it comes to accessibility. 80% of the Metro stations and all of the buses are wheelchair accessible, plus it is also relatively flat and cobble-free.

Melbourne, Australia

This Australian coastal city in the southeastern state of Victoria is another city known for its culture and eclectic nightlife. It is the second-most populous city in the country and a major tourist city which has led it to become one of the more accessible cities in the world. It has a compact and flat city centre with highly accessible public transportation and attractions, so arranging a trip around Melbourne in a wheelchair is a breeze.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Slovenia’s picture-perfect capital city is largely vehicle free with flat surfaces,so it is incredibly easy to get around here and even in the Old Town (these are usually cobbled). Due to the good weather, the majority of restaurants have outdoor seating which also makes them wheelchair friendly and stress-free to visit.

Niagara Falls

You might not think that the Niagara Falls is an ideal place to visit in a wheelchair, but it is actually one of the more accessible attractions in North America where you can easily rent wheelchairs or scooters and the paths and viewing areas are all accessible. There are lots of things to do in Niagara Falls for couples other than viewing the waterfalls, including wine tasting, casinos and spa days – the perfect place for a relaxing break with accessibility unlikely to be an issue anywhere.


The island city-state of Singapore is known for being progressive and this is certainly true when it comes to accessibility. The modern metropolis introduced at “Barrier-Free Accessibility” policy in 1990 which resulted in buildings being upgraded to make them wheelchair-friendly, plus the transport system is excellent so it is incredibly simple to get around. This fascinating destination has a huge amount to offer visitors and is a unique place with futuristic skyscrapers soaring into the air mixed with a colonial core and striking temples.

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Generally speaking, Mexico, Central America and South America are not the greatest places to travel if you are a wheelchair user, but Playa Del Carmen is the exception to the rule. The inviting coastal resort town features accessible hotels and an accessible beach, plus you can even go snorkeling thanks to the adaptive equipment. There is no need for public transportation as everyone is a stone’s throw away, making it easy to get around whilst on a holiday here. Not only this, but even the nearby Mayan archeological sites are wheelchair-friendly too.

Milan, Italy

One of the world’s most stylish cities, Milan is also one of the most accessible having scooped the EU Access City award back in 2016. Many of the fantastic museums and other attractions are completely accessible, while the low-floor buses, metro and public taxi services are all also wheelchair-friendly. Milan is a brilliant European city with a lot to see and do, including seeing the legendary The Last Supper Da Vinci painting in the Santa Maria DelleGrazie.

Arranging a holiday when you or somebody that you are traveling with requires the use of a wheelchair can be challenging and frustrating. Whilethere are many places that need to make changes, there are also a handful of places around the world that have taken action and are now highly accessible allowing for a fun, stress-free and valuable vacation for all.