Varicose veins, also known as spider veins, are harmless, but they can definitely look unappealing. While some people will ignore their varicose veins, others will do whatever is necessary to eliminate them. Regardless of the severity of your condition, it may be time to start considering treatment. Thankfully, there are plenty of options available, many of which do not require invasive surgery. Below, you will discover a list of effective treatments for getting rid of varicose veins.


In the past, stripping was the only treatment option for varicose veins. This treatment was very invasive, as it entailed making an incision in the middle of the leg, groin or near the ankle. A small flexible, metal rod is threaded into the affected vein and a wire is pushed through the rod. The veins responsible for feeding into the primary vein are removed or tied off and then the vein is pulled up the rod and out of the leg. Stripping takes about two hours and patients were permitted to resume their normal activities after two days.

Endovenous Laser Treatment

Lasers are utilized for a broad range of cosmetic surgeries. Lasers are designed to emit a strong light that when moving across the skin generates heat. Some patients have reported slight discomfort during laser surgeries, but all in all it is a very noninvasive procedure. This treatment is most often utilized to treat the large varicose veins found in the legs.

Endovenous laser surgery entails utilizing a thin catheter, which is threaded into the affected vein, and a laser fiber is pushed through the catheter. The doctor monitors his progress through a machine known as a duplex ultrasound. The laser is very effective in reducing varicose veins, making it extremely popular among women and men. In addition to this, it removes varicose veins permanently.

Compression Stockings

Compression stockings have been utilized for years to provide support to the ankles, feet, legs and calves. It is not unusual to see a housewife, mother and athlete wearing compression stockings, because they have shown to improve circulations in the muscles and legs.

My Compression Gear offers a compression stocking that helps treat the symptoms associated with varicose veins. These symptoms include pain, heaviness, edematous ankles and feet, throbbing and burning in the lower extremity, muscle cramps in the legs and dry, itchy skin over and near the affected vein.

The compression stockings are recommended for adults who are suffering from varicose veins. These stockings are very unique and different than the standard compression stockings, as they are eye appealing. They are available in the 10 to 25mmHg range. So, you will need to determine which range is more suitable for your needs. Your physician can help you determine the best range for you, by rating the severity of your condition.


A varicose vein treatment that is growing in popularity is known as sclerotherapy. This particular treatment does not require invasive surgery. In fact, it only utilizes a medicine that is injected into the affect veins. The medicine works very effectively in reducing the size of enlarged varicose veins.