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Victoria Mondloch is very much a role model of mine, a doctor here in Waukesha, Wisconsin who has dedicated her life to improving women’s health. I first met Victoria J. Mondloch when she came to give a speech at the university here in Waukesha, Wisconsin, a compelling discourse about the development of treatments for women’s health issues. Dr. Victoria J. Mondloch inspired a lot of people that day, not only myself and since that day I have constantly been motivated by what she has done and what she does do for women’s health, and here is a quick brief about the good work which she has done for the area of Waukesha and the state of Wisconsin.  


Doctor Mondloch is a specialist in gynecology and obstetrics and in her daily life she helps out a huge number of female patients with issues. Victoria had high ambition when she was younger and at the age of just 32 she became one of the only women and one of the youngest people to join the hospital board. She touched on this during her speech to us and stressed the importance of a position of authority when trying to bring about change. Within her role with the board she can affect that directly.

Wider Reach

Not content with just looking to help improve women’s health in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Dr. Victoria Mondloch is also a regular contributor to the Medical Journal, a publication read by medical professionals all over the country. This highlights the desire that she has to change women’s health and to educate the wider community on the importance of women’s health.


One of the best advancements that we have seen in our community in recent years has been the pop-up screening centers which help to screen women to see if they have any early signs of breast or cervical cancer. These pop-up centers have helped a huge amount of women and can be directly linked to saving lives, thanks to many patients receiving an early diagnosis. It is Victoria Mondloch who is behind these centers and she has fought at both hospital and local government level for funding to continue so that the centers can keep doing their jobs.


Dr. Mondloch knows very well that in order for her campaign for the improvement of women’s health to continue, that she must inspire and engage the next generation and that is why she gives up her time to spend in the university here in Waukesha, plus the work which she does with younger doctors and nurses. The speech which we saw was not the first time that Victoria has done this and she tries to come to the campus at least twice or three times per year to spend time with the medical students and talk about her passion.

Women’s health here in Wisconsin is in a far better position than it was in the past, and that all comes down to Dr. Mondloch.