Today many Americans suffer from obesity. Carrying extra weight can cause a myriad of health problems, including an increased risk of heart attack and diabetes. Being overweight makes enjoying an active lifestyle difficult, and it can also lead to serious issues with self esteem. Taken altogether, obesity can thus lead to psychological problems and depression. That’s why it’s so important to seek help if you are dealing with a serious weight problem.


For people in Florida who suffer from extreme or “morbid” obesity (which is defined as having a body mass index over 40) that cannot be solved through regular diet
and exercise, medical procedures, like weight loss surgery Tampa, Florida may be the answer.

One of the weight loss surgeries often used to help patients dealing with extreme obesity is gastric bypass surgery. This surgery is a specific procedure that goes under the general heading of Bariatric Surgery. The gastric bypass is not without risks, however, the surgery can lead to a dramatic weight loss, and is said to reduce mortality rates in obese patients by 40%.


The gastric bypass, in essence, involves the surgical creation of a limited stomach area, which is the area that takes in food for the patient. The rest of the stomach is “bypassed,” so that only a small amount a food can be absorbed. The rest of the stomach area is partitioned off with staples or other surgical measures.

The patient’s GI tract will also be reconstructed during surgery so that it can drain waste from both of the stomach areas. There are many variations on how the GI tract is rebuilt.

Today, much of this procedure is done laparoscopically, to reduce adverse affects on the patient, including scarring and the possibility of hernia.

Patients who undergo this type of procedure for weight loss must adjust their caloric intake after surgery, as their post-bypass stomach will only hold a small amount of food. With this adjustment, however, comes weight loss and a new and healthier lifestyle.

Today, many patients are experiencing the happy results of successful gastric bypass surgery and finding a new sense of well being to go with it.

When it’s time to get serious about weight loss, consider the new lifestyle possibilities that can come after gastric bypass surgery.