Breastfeeding Problems and Solutions | Parents

Every mom knows breastfeeding is probably the best way to bond with babies. Thus it is essential to look for help if you are facing trouble with breastfeeding. Though simple problems like low milk supply can be assisted using lactation support snacks. It is better to seek medical attention to sort out problems like sore nipples or breast engorgement at the early stages. 

Here are a few most common issues that breastfeeding mums face.

  • Cracked or sore nipples

Sore nipples are one of the most common problems that a breastfeeding mom faces. It occurs when the baby is not well positioned and latched while feeding. Making it through can be much more painful than imagined. Thus it is suggested to seek medical attention as soon as you can.

  • Low milk supply

It is common to feel uncertain that your baby might not be receiving enough milk when you start breastfeeding. But over time, you will feel confident about the fact that the baby is receiving what they require.

Proffering your infant both breasts at separate feed and alternating breast sides will help to enable your milk supply. You can even add lactation support snacks to your meals to help you with the process.

  • Breast engorgement

It is a situation where the breast gets too concentrated of milk. The scenario is much more painful than it seems.

The problem is quite common for new mums who have just started breastfeeding. Since the baby is still in the process of getting used to breastfeeding, it takes time for your milk supply to correspond to your baby’s necessities. Engorgement might also occur when your baby gets older, possibly when switching over to consume solid foods.

  • Obstructed milk duct

If breast engorgement continues for a prolonged period, it can obstruct the milk duct. You might sense an undersized, tender node in your breast.

Systematic feeding from the contrived breast might help. If feasible, place your newborn with their chin tilting towards the node so they can feed on that portion of the breast.

  • Mastitis

Mastitis occurs when an obstructed milk duct is not relieved. It causes the breast to feel warm and aching and can cause you to feel very unhealthy with flu-like signs.

It’s essential to continue breastfeeding. Starting feeding the baby with the tender breast might help. If you still feel the sensation or get no relief, reach out to your GP for medical attention.

  • Tongue-tie

Approximately 1% of babies have a smaller strip of skin that hooks the tongue to the floor of the mouth, and this phenomenon is termed tongue-tie. Babies possessing this phenomenon are often restricted from moving their tongue freely, while a few feel unbothered. The ones that feel restricted find it hard to breastfeed. Fortunately, tongue ties are medically curable. 

Bottom Line

There are enormous foods that can help you tackle the lactation problem. From lactation support snacks to fenugreek seeds, you add any sort of food to your diet to overcome specific problems. However, make you consult a lactation specialist to avoid ill effects.