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Throughout history, the healing power of spiritual connection has had a lasting impact on many people the world over. Today the healing power of sacred blessings and mantras taken from ancient Indian sanskrit teaching resonates deeply with many people. In response to this, healers who are experts in this ancient tradition, Satyabhama and the late Namadeva Acharya, came together to form a website called, to help spread the word about the healing power of spirituality and of the many ways this power can be accessed today.

Many people unfamiliar with these concepts may ask, “what does mantra mean?”
In the book, “Healing Mantras,” Namadeva addressed the question of mantras and what their actual meaning is. A Vedic saying claims that “Speech is the essence of humanity,” and so it is that thoughts and ideas can’t really be actualized until they are spoken. This idea is the basis for many spiritual writings, from the words of the Dalai Lama to the New Testament. A mantra is a sound emanated from a person that is an energy-based sound. The sounds creates a vibration that is associated with the word.

Namadeva also wrote that mantras create thought energy waves, and these energy waves can change consciousness. He also wrote that “mantras are tools of power and tools for power.” The literal translation of the word “mantra” means that it is a tool for freeing the mind. Saying a mantra is a way of meditating and that meditation can help the mind expand and bring it closer to a cosmic connection with the universe.

The fact is, however, that even though we may try to translate and explain the power of using a mantra, ultimately its vibrational power must be experienced by the person who wishes to connect more fully to the universe. It is in the doing that the power will truly be experienced. Another aspect of the classical Sanskrit mantras is that they correspond to petals in a flower. Ultimately, the use of a mantra is very energetically powerful. A mantra can quiet the mind and bring on peace.

The site offers a wealth of resources for those seeking enlightenment through the study of sanskirt and in the use of mantras. It is offered freely to anyone who would like to explore it and to learn how to more fully connect with the healing power of the universe.