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Clairvoyance is nothing more than intuition which was developed to perfection. Intuition is ability to sense what has happened in the past, to perceive things which will happen in the future or to learn about current events happening someplace far away.

It is man’s inner feeling guiding him to enlightenment.

Awakening of intuition

All of us have some sort of intuition. Alas, given that most of us do not use it, it is in a dormant state.

By awakening intuition, we are also awakening our subtle perception which is called sixth sense. All of this is connected to opening of inner chakras and the third eye.

 Person who has activated this ability is able to use it on a daily basis. This individual is able to differentiate intuition from logical thinking.

In some cases, after rigorous training, gifted individual is able to apply this power at his leisure and even use it for making everyday decisions. Sometimes, intuition is so strong that the person is even able to consult others and help them by providing valuable insights.

As this type of intuition becomes more precise and reliable, it slowly transforms into something else. It becomes a valuable gift called clairvoyance.

Such strong intuition (otherwise known as clairvoyance) can be used to assist others. This way, gifted person is able to use this power for general good.

For example, psychic person is able to develop various sub-skills such as reading energy aura of others. By doing this, psychic is able to get insight into person’s character as well as his general state of body and mind. If there is any kind of issue during the reading, any kind of energy blockage, psychic can suggest a visit to a doctor.

Similarly, gifted individual is also able to make a contact with spiritual beings from other plains of existence such as the angels or dead individuals. By doing this, he is able to transfer the message to others.

Psychic is also very proficient when using various items to foretell future. Such individual is able to read tarot, runes and other objects in order to get insight into future.

Gift of clairvoyance

This gift can be used in various ways. Nevertheless, it is very important for a person always to use it for the public good.

People usually use it for seeing the future and predicting things to come.

Having in mind that our future is influenced by a combination of karma (or destiny) and free will, some situations can be felt. In other words, by using foresight we are able to predict events given that they are impacted by things from our past.

In each situation, we are affected by our free will and that part can never be foretold. However, with the use of psychic abilities, we can give a good advice that will help individual stay on the path of righteousness.

Psychic abilities can be developed during the course of life but it is usually developed by those with high level of intuition. Some of us are born psychic which means that they already had such a power in their previous life.

Anyway, by increasing intuition and through its constant use, we are able to achieve higher level of clairvoyance.

 Types of clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is a very general term and it can stand for various things:

  • Clairsentience – person is able to create a psychic relationship with another individual by touching him
  • Clairaudience – in this case, person is able to hear things which are distant, hidden or otherwise non-perceivable by other individuals in the vicinity
  • Clairalience – this type of clairvoyance allows gifted individual to gain knowledge through sense of smell
  • Claircognizance– sometimes, individual is simply able to know what is happening around him; this is oftentimes referred to as the higher knowledge
  • Clairgustance – attaining knowledge through sense of taste
  • Clairenunciate – ability to speak clearly by using metaphors

As you can see, clairvoyance as a psychic ability encompasses various senses. Sometimes, gifted individual is able to harness more than one power. Occasionally, two or more types of clairvoyance will be active at the same time. It can be overbearing to control all of them at the same time, but with a little bit of practice, everything is possible!