Not everyone has a beautiful face. There, we said it. But that doesn’t mean you have to live like that for the rest of your life. Maybe your skin is super flaky. You need to exfoliate the hell out of that! Maybe you break out constantly. First, put the potato chips down. Second, establish a beauty routine. Your mamma told you to wash your face every day and night, right? This is why! Be nice to your skin and it will be nice back with beautiful, wonderful, glowing awesomeness.


Start at the Top

So maybe your problems are a bit more extreme that just flaky skin. Okay. We get that. There are estheticians for a reason. These people get paid to make you pretty. Go take advantage of that, gurl! They can help you fix those hairy eyebrows that scare your cat. They can show you what cream you should be putting on your face. They can help you put makeup on like a real person instead of a four-year-old. Identifying your trouble spots and how to work with them is what these people are trained for. They live for this! Give them work.



Maybe you need to throw a whole facial in there. Get a chemical peel and reduce your wrinkles while you’re at it. Yes, it costs money, but beauty isn’t cheap, gurl. A haircut can totally top off your new look as you fall back in love with your face. Or maybe you fall in love with your face for the first time.


Cosmetic Surgery is Common Place These Days

There are some issues that can’t be fixed with makeup alone. If you’ve got a really ugly nose, like, it’s big and bulky; maybe a bit bulbous, there is only one thing that is going to fix that. You need to get yourself some rhinoplasty. You should be loving yourself all the time and if your nose is ruining that high for you, deal with it. You need to talk to a professional and saving your money so you can afford this. Think of it as an upgrade for your face.

There are all kinds of plastic surgery for your face that you can check out. You can update your nose, your chin, your cheekbones, hell you can update your lips. If you wanna look like Kylie Jenner just do it. Before you go so drastic though see if you can get some prosthetics or something first so that you can test-drive your look before you make it permanent.

There’s nothing wrong with hating your face. Just don’t keep going on about it like a little kid. Do something about it instead. You’ve got all kinds of options and science and shit to help you love you. Make sure you are doing this for you and not some loser-guy or girlfriend. Okay? You are better than that. You wanna make sure you have your face looking beautiful and flawless so that you can love yourself way more than some rando who won’t be around forever. Work it, gurl!