Basic Features of a C-Arm and Fluoroscopy Table

Starting or maintaining a medical facility means getting to know a lot of different equipment and how to best utilize each item. For imaging equipment, you will want to know what C-arm imaging equipment is, why you need it and where to find it.

What Is It?

This type of equipment gets its name from the C shaped arm that connects the x-ray source and detector to one-another. The equipment can aid in minimally invasive surgical procedures and is routinely used for diagnostic purposes. You can find this equipment in fixed, mobile or mini types from vendors with C-arm imaging equipment expertise and sometimes even get support with the installation, training and maintenance the unit need.

Why Do You Need It?

Operating rooms use mobile C-arm imaging equipment to visualize things such as kidney drainage or valve replacements while the fixed type of imaging equipment is usually in a suite of its own for diagnostic purposes. Sports medicine or dental facilities can use the mini versions. Depending on the needs of your facility, you may have multiples of each type, so finding a supplier experienced in all three can save you time and money.

Where Do You Get It?

Manufacturers, vendors and medical equipment repair companies are good places to start looking for this type of equipment and you can even find refurbished units to rent or purchase outright. It is a good idea to research the reputations of these companies to find the best make, model and supplier for your equipment. Some suppliers will have other types of equipment that you can install to complement your imaging units and provide better patient care.

C-arm imaging units can help your physicians diagnose patients and can provide critical visualizations during surgical procedures at your facility. Hospitals, clinics and sports’ medicine practices can all benefit from this type of equipment and you can find new and refurbished units to either rent or buy through online suppliers.