There are a number of factors that can determine the extent of teeth staining, such as consumption of food and drink and poor oral hygiene practise. An individual with a habit of continuously smoking, or consuming beverages such as coffee and tea, has a higher chance of experiencing staining on the teeth. Fortunately, when stains occur, you can opt for professional treatment that’s more effective than DIY whitening treatment.

When it comes to professional teeth whitening in Bundoora, there are two types of treatment: laser teeth whitening and teeth bleaching. From the information provided below, you can decide which professional treatment is best for you.

Professional Laser Teeth Whitening

The professional laser whitening process is much faster and gives instant results when it comes to brighteningthe original colour of your teeth. With laser whitening, a powerful hydrogen peroxide gel is applied on the surface of the teeth, and then a bright beam laser is used to activate the gel. This beam acts as a catalyst; it activates the chemicals and speeds up the brightening process. If the discolouration is extreme, then it may require more than one tooth whitening session. The dentists who perform teeth whitening in Bundoora are able to treat persistent discolouration that cannot be easily removed with regular brushing. Professional laser teeth whitening can vary in cost depending on how many times the treatment needs to be done as well as the level of results you’re hoping to achieve.

Professional At-Home Teeth Bleaching

Professional teeth bleaching is a very common method of teeth whitening in Bundoora, and is preferable for those who don’t like spending much time in the dentist’s chair. This treatment requires you to have custom teeth trays made by your dentist which fit your mouth like a mouthguard. A special bleaching gel is placed into the trays and they’re then worn overnight in the comfort or your own home, which allows the bleaching gel to penetrate your teeth and make the teeth lighter. This process takes longer than laser teeth whitening and is better suited to more minor cases of teeth staining. It may also take a couple of weeks to have full effect.While DIY teeth bleaching kits are readily available, the cheapest kits will have almost no effect on the teeth, so professional teeth bleaching treatment using custom made teeth trays is highly recommended.

Side Effects

Laser teeth whitening treatment may have some side effects, as it involves using high level concentrated gel. Though the hydrogen peroxide is safe on gums, a person with sensitivity issues may feel irritation during the process and afterwards as well. Minimal irritation is caused with teeth bleaching treatment, as the gel concentration levels are lower. Regardless of which option you choose when it comes to teeth whitening in Bundoora, you can expect to see an improvement in the colour and brightness of your teeth, helping you to feel more confident in your day to day life.