Most fitness enthusiasts are now looking for ways on how they can develop muscles faster. This is because they can see the benefits of gaining more muscles. Read more about why some people build their muscles in this site here:

Some feel that a muscular body gives them more power, makes them manlier, increases their self-esteem, and lets them do their jobs more efficiently. Most use SARM or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators because they don’t want to use steroids.

Most people know that using steroids can increase muscles in a way, but adverse side effects often accompany them. For men, they are known to cause acne, easy bruising, insomnia, blurred vision, or high blood pressure. Another thing is that anabolic steroids are illegal without medical prescription, and they are often frowned upon by many people.

What are SARMs?

SARMs, on the other hand, can also enhance muscle growth, but they are safer options. They are the right choice for people who are just starting their workout routines and would want to take healthier supplements.

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator is enhancers. They are medically approved, and they are legal. Before discussing how these modulators work, it is essential to have a good understanding of how hormones operate in the body.

Hormones are the body messengers, and they come in chemical forms. They initiate communication between the cells and the body. In many men, their bodies produce hormones such as androgen. This is responsible for muscle growth, facial hair development, and a deeper voice. Testosterone is the most popular androgen in the world, but others help with the process of growing into a more “manly” state, especially if one hits puberty.

Some of the ways that androgens can affect your body include:

  • The androgens produced bind into some receptors of the cells.
  • They are responsible for converting the hormone called dihydrotestosterone, which bounds to the bodies’ cell receptors.
  • They convert estradiol into estrogen, and this binds into a receptor that is different from testosterone.

What Anabolic Steroids Can Do

In a natural state, the brain regulates the production of androgen. This is why a person will only produce enough muscles when working out. This perfect balance is achieved if one does not use supplements and other drugs to make the muscles grow faster.

But when anabolic steroids are injected into the body, this can throw everything out of balance. The androgen receptors begin to grow in numbers, and they can flood the cells. The receptors are flooded with hormones and become saturated in the process. As a result, muscles are growing faster, and they grow to be bulkier.

When one is in a scenario where his muscles are popping after a few weeks of exercising, it can be a preferable outcome. So far, so good. However, after the initial happiness, there are long-term effects that can happen and should be considered.

One of the things that steroids can do is to give the body potential permanent damage. Some of the side effects may be reversible, such as atrophy, acne, and cysts. But some can stay for a lifetime such as liver diseases, baldness, breast development in men, and heart dysfunction. If this does not frighten one, then they can add physiological and biological addiction in the equation in the process as well.

What do SARMs Do?

SARMs bind into the cells, and they are enhancers that are attached on the core level. The great news about them is that the process of binding is highly selective. You can benefit by using them, and they won’t have any detrimental effects on your health. You will not have any symptoms of gynecomastia or infertility in the long run.

Some of the benefits that you can get are that you will have the power of an anabolic steroid without the dangers. You can know more why they are becoming more popular on this site here. You can choose from different kinds of modulators. Some of them can help you lose weight and shed some extra pounds off. Others will make your muscles bulkier.

What’s more, you can stack them together to make them more useful. Since there’s no risk of adverse effects on the health, you will be able to combine more than one of them and stack them up and see which are the most effective for you. It is important to note, however, that these modulators should not be abused in any way. Always check the manufacturers and read the labels carefully for the correct dosage before taking them.

But in most cases, SARMs should be your best option when you are looking to get the following results:

  • Increase the growth of lean muscles
  • Lose fats
  • Recover and heal from injuries faster
  • Prevent muscle fatigue during exercise routines
  • Want to last longer when exercising

What is good about these supplements is that they come in forms of pills and capsules. You won’t have to be exposed to the dangers of infected injections. There’s no need to harm the body with needles. What’s best is that the liver won’t have to do hard work because most modulators are non-toxic.

Effect on the Libido

Many people think that bodybuilding supplements also increase libido. In the case of SARMs, it does not have any concrete studies yet on whether it affects one’s sex drive or not. But most users say that when using modulators, the supplement does not affect their libido, and it stays intact. This is not the case with steroids as they are known to make sex undesirable to both men and women upon long-term use.


For many people, the best option for them is to exercise, eat fruits and vegetables, and live healthy lifestyles. But for some, this might not be enough, especially if they have a body image that they want to achieve. When looking for enhancers that are safe and legal, SARMs are the best option out there. When taken on a standard dosage, they are harmless, and they are not addictive. They also have fewer side effects compared to anabolic steroids. But when in doubt, it is always better to consult your physician.