Image Credit: Pexels

If you’ve never taken an ice bath, the idea of it can be intimidating or even downright scary. The practice of taking an ice bath involves submerging a substantial part of your body in a tub of ice or ice water for a certain amount of time. But, what’s the point? Surprisingly, the benefits are numerous! Here are a few of the main reasons why taking an ice bath is great for you.

It Helps Your Muscles Recover

Ice baths are incredibly popular amongst athletes and people who regularly exercise, as they can help the muscles recover after an intense workout. This is because when you are exposed to cold water, the blood vessels in your body constrict and become smaller. When you get out of the water, the sudden change in temperature causes your blood vessels to quickly re-open, which helps to flush the metabolic waste products from your muscles. Whether you’re a pro athlete or simply enjoy working out often, finding an ice bath for sale and purchasing it for personal use can be a great investment for your body.

It Can Improve Your Mental Health

Your personal health should be top priority, especially when it comes to mental health. Taking an ice bath has been shown to improve relaxation and focus, and while the cold temperatures may shock your system at first, you will find that taking an ice bath can be quite relaxing. Additionally, studies show that taking two cold showers a day can help improve depressive symptoms!

It Can Improve Your Sleep

The quality of the sleep you’re getting often goes hand-in-hand with your mental health, and taking ice baths have been shown to have a positive effect when it comes to sleep. Spending just 15 minutes in an ice bath can have a positive effect on your central nervous system, helping you fall asleep and feel better overall.

It Can Boost Your Immunity

Studies have found that taking ice baths can help boost your immunity, which is especially valuable during the current pandemic. According to studies, people who take cold showers as opposed to hot showers are almost 30 percent less likely to take a sick day from work or school. In a time when everyone is more health-conscious than usual, incorporating ice baths into your personal care routine is definitely worth a try!