It is a popular misconception that what you achieve in life is completely dependent on your genetics. Most human beings don’t even use a larger part of their brains, which means that they never reach their full potential. Thus, literally every human being can get much better, out of the resources that he or she has been endowed with. Here are some brain building activities, which can help one, especially children, build stamina and concentration.

No tech times

To improve the strength of the brain and concentration, distractions needs to be done away with. Hence make sure that children do spend an allotted time of the day without any form of technology.

Recapitulate every day

If you want your child’s grades to improve drastically ask him or her to recapitulate everything that has been done in school or even in extra classes, coaching etc. Make sure that neither of you are multitasking or distracted during this time. It is excellent in

Jigsaw jigs

Jigsaw puzzles are excellent for improving concentration and brain power because they train the mind to work faster and coordinate better, thus improving your brain’s activities. With growing expertise, timed jigsaw puzzles might be employed to push the boundaries and challenge comfort zones to build a greater mental stamina.

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Exercise your brain with logic

Logical reasoning exercises are built to challenge the mind to outperform itself. Regular solving of these exercises will help your child strengthen his or her brain and squeeze out more power.

Play memory games, not mind games

Memory games are very important in building a strong retention power. In this age of technology and internet, children are not developing the kind of memory or attention span they should. Simple memory games will improve concentration, focus as well as memory. It is effective for children and adults of all ages.

Let them play video games

Yes, you heard that right! Video games help develop children’s analytical ad strategic power. It is also highly beneficial in building the ability to take better decisions and faster too.

Improve with improv

Various kinds of improvisation exercises can be devised to enhance a child’s logical reasoning and brain functions. As children learn to react to imaginary scenarios effectively, they can experience better problem solving capabilities.

I spy a sharp brain

This highly entertaining travelling game does more than just making a road trip fun! It is effective in helping children achieve a sharper observation power and improved visual cognition.


Mindful meditation is extremely helpful in helping the mind focus and perform better. It helps the brain concentrate more and increases its stamina. Ten to fifteen minutes of meditation everyday will radically improve the capacity of the brain.

Health is wealth

Last, but not the least, physical health is crucial for a healthy brain. It is seen that children who enjoy better health tend to do better. Due to the proper regulation of neurotransmitters and hormones, it keeps the brain healthy and aids its functioning.

It is important to ensure that your child gets proper nutrition for the brain. Medicines like Modalert, along with omega 3 fatty acid supplements, anti-oxidants and Vitamin C to boost brain healthy