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Grinding your herbs properly is an essential part of the vaping or smoking process for any cannabis enthusiast. Putting your buds through a grinder gives your herb a larger surface area that is more easily exposed to heat, leading to a cleaner, smoother smoke or vape overall.

A good weed grinder can cut through your product with little effort, separates any bad chunks before they get into your bowl or vaping instrument, and has a storage section for the kief or pollen, which can add potency and strength to your session. If this is your first time buying a weed grinder or you are looking to upgrade from your old one to a new and better replacement, keep on reading. We’ll be filling you in on some of the things might want to consider before hastily purchasing the first option you see.


Your personal consumption habits will determine the size of grinder you’ll need. Mini- or small-size grinders are between 1 inch and 1.5 or 2 inches in diameter, and they can grind and store up to half a gram of herb at a time. The compact size makes it a perfect travel option that’s discreet and easy to carry. Make sure you check the laws at your travel destination first, though, in order to minimize the risk of having your paraphernalia confiscated.

A medium-sized herb grinder comes in at around 2.5 to 3 inches in diameter and is a great best-of-both-worlds option. They’re still small enough to be compact and portable, but they’ll allow you to grind between 2 to 3 grams of material at a time.

Finally, a large weed grinder is anything 3 inches and above in diameter,making up for their lack of portability with sheer heft. It’s the option of choice for heavy users who grind anywhere from 3.5 to 7 grams at a time. Once you get to the larger sizes, durability and quality goes up, too. You can think of them as enthusiast-grade hardware that’s built to last a long time.


Many websites and online retailers often classify the weed grinders they have on offer according to how many compartments each one has. In this case, the rule of thumb is that the more compartments a weed grinder has, the more functionality it offers. Two-piece grinders are also known as 1-compartment grinders, where the herb is both ground and stored in the same compartment. While slim and sleek, making it an ideal choice for an on-the-go-carry, such a grinder may be subject your herb to an inconsistent grind.You could also end up having difficulty taking your product out of the compartment because it sits in the same one where the grinding teeth are at.

Three-piece grinders have an additional compartment where the small herbs are collected. You can think of this as one-part grinder, one-part storage. They typically produce a more even grind. However, using a 4-piece grinder is what separates the masters from the newbies. Someone who is serious about weed would go for 4- or 5-piece grinders which include a dedicated chamber for collecting kief, that potent derivative of cannabis that can be added to your bowl for a more intense high.


The best weed grinder is the one that works for you, but that doesn’t mean that all are made equal. Different materials not only produce different results, they typically dictate how easy they’ll be to clean afterwards.

Aluminum grinders are the ones most commonly found on the market because they’re safe, non-toxic, durable, and cost-effective. For the next level up on durability, stainless steel grinders are less “canny” than their aluminum counterparts, but they’re hard to find and rather expensive. Plastic grinders, on the other hand, are a step below aluminum, being usually made with cheap materials that you can’t expect to last very long. They still are useful if the choice is between one and grinding your material with your own fingers. There are also grinders made with wood or even 24-karat gold that don’t offer much by way of additional functionality but make up for it in looks and uniqueness.

Final Word

There are a dizzying number of options for weed grinders available on the market to fit your specific use case, consumption style, and budget. Do your research and compare and contrast products to find what works best for you. Don’t rush into making a purchase! Read the reviews, which can give you insight on how a certain grinder performs.

The best herb grinder for you is the one that does what you need it to, whether it’s a consistent grind, is easy to carry around, properly stores the material, or reflects your personal style.