If you’re running a clinic or healthcare office, you’re probably going to need medical lab tests at some point. But which are the right kind to buy? How can you be sure you’re getting the best deal and making a purchase from the right manufacturer? Here are just a few tips for buying lab tests.

1. Know Your Needs

As you can probably imagine, lab tests come in all kinds of varieties. They cover everything from cancer screenings to allergy evaluations! Since there’s no way to have them all, you’ll need to prioritize based on the needs and average patient complaints of your clinic. For example, if you’re a small facility that only treats minor conditions, there’s no need to order HIV tests.

2. Think About Price

Lab tests are usually sold in bulk, but not all websites list bulk pricing, so make sure that great deal on pregnancy tests is actually for all 100 kits and not just a single plastic strip. You should also factor in things like special delivery costs if your tests need to be shipped with care.

3. Research the Manufacturers

How long has the company been in business? How recognized is their brand within the industry? Never do business with an unknown element. Stick with manufacturers who have a long track record of good, reputable service and the customer reviews to prove it. Third-party evaluation is what you’re looking for here.

4. Consider Features and Additives

Some tests can be specially ordered as “rapid tests” that will provide faster and more accurate results than their traditional cousins. Others may be offered with special waterproof or shockproof packaging if they’re particularly sensitive to damage. Don’t be afraid to ask about the “extras” when ordering lab tests from a specific company. You might be surprised at how they can accommodate you.

These are just four things to keep in mind as you shop for lab tests. For more information, including purchase options, check out sites like RapidTest.com. Doing your homework today can save you a lot of heartache tomorrow!