Dermatology is much larger than what many people believe. There are various branches of dermatology that exist. When thinking about medical science, dermatology is the brand that treats and diagnoses skin related disorders and ailments, normally when referring to the outer skin layer, epidermis. Various sub-branches of dermatology exist like:

  • Dermatopahtology
  • Cosmetic dermatology
  • Surgical dermatology
  • Medical dermatology

Cosmetic Dermatology

Before you visit a cosmetic dermatology clinic like, you will want to know what to expect. Our skin is really important for how we look and feel. Cosmetic dermatology will offer solutions for clients that want to enhance youthfulness, charm and condition of hair, nails and skin. “Cosmetic” automatically refers to beauty. With this in mind, such a dermatology branch will use treatments that can magnify a patient’s allure and beauty. Common procedures include lip augmentation and other forms of plastic surgery. Skin disease cures are not included in cosmetic dermatology.

Common Cosmetic Dermatology Treatments

Acne And Wound Scars

There are so many individuals out there that are faced with depression because of the fact that they have scars present on their neck, face or any body part. Wound scars and acne that will not disappear naturally can cause so many psychological problems. Cosmetic dermatology treatments can aid in removing marks caused by both acne and wounds, allowing the patient to sometimes complete recover.

Removing Aging Signs

There are so many aging signs that appear from time to time like wrinkles, which are the most common. As these signs appear, people end up feeling really bad about their appearance. They will want to look for the services of a cosmetic dermatologist so that the aging signs would be diminished or would disappear. Various options exist and treatment is chosen based on the situation that a person is in. For instance, we have fillers that can be injected directly in the wrinkles. We can easily take advantage of procedures like botulinum toxins, face sculpting and dermal fillers.

Removing Tattoos

This is something that most people do not know but tattoo removal is actually a cosmetic dermatology procedure that normally takes advantage of laser technology in order to remove that tattoo that is not wanted. This is technology that guarantees great results and the pain that is felt by the patient is not at all as high as with other options that are currently available in the industry. At the same time, the same laser technique is going to be used to remove wrinkles, dark spots and various other aging signs.

Removing Fat

Experienced cosmetic dermatologist can actually help remove fat at skin care clinics. There are various regions where fat can be removed. There are various fat removal techniques that are currently available but all of them require a lot of surgical expertise.

On the whole, cosmetic dermatology can be really great and can aid you to be more beautiful, which is definitely not something that you would feel bad about. So many procedures exist and it is not at all difficult to find some clinics that are going to aid you.