5 Exercises that you can hit upon anytime to stay fit

If you have a feeling that you are actually not one of the fittest member of your friend’s group or in the association, then it the time when you seriously need to take a peek at what you can do to change it. Although being or staying fit is essentially not related exercise only. There are many other factors affecting the point like the kind of food that you have or the kind of work that you do. But the undeniable fact is that you can put all these points straight with some of the simplest exercises.

It is true that with the busy schedule that we tend to have nowadays, it is very tough thing to get on with some sweating acts easily. But then again as I said, once you are thinking that its time that you did something about being fit you will have the hit the leather hard.

Here are 5 simple exercises that can be done anytime and anywhere to stay fit!

Exercise 1: Push Ups


This is one of the exercises that can completely transform your body. The major function of the exercise is to put a force on the back and the middle section of the human body. It also helps us to increase the power that is rested in the wrists. If you are also of the fear that you might just be turning into an Obese, then this is probably the best of the 5 Exercises that you can do anytime and anywhere.

Exercise 2: Triceps Dips


The Triceps Dips is done so that you can give a seriously cool look to your legs. The exercise involves you gearing up like a person sitting on an invisible chair with your arms stretched. Then go up once and then come back to the same position. The Triceps Dips does not require any special things and thus you should make it a habit to hit the dips often to stay fit.

Exercise 3: Squats


Squats are probably the easiest and yet one of the most intense work outs that one can have to stay fit. All that you need to do is lower yourself down to a small extent initially and repeat doing it. Increase the depths with the consequent times and get to see the results soon!

Exercise 4: Crunches


Crunches can play a huge role in shaping up your body and staying fit. There are various types of crunches designated for various parts of the body. A crunch is basically an exercise where you make the stress on your abs to give them a toned look. The process is simple. Lie on the ground and keeping your legs still, try to get up without any support. Once the workout has been mastered, you will find a new refined look to your abs. it is the best of the 5 Exercises that can make you slimmer and leaner.

Exercise 5: Calf Raises


Calf Raises is the best way to make your calf stronger and making your legs more fit. The exercise in simple and can be done easily. Just stand on the front part of your foot on a stair. You should be standing in such a way that some amount of your foot is outside the stairs. Now, just lift your body up and down using your feet. With the right balance and at least a 50 Calf Raises daily, you can probably be the owner of the best legs in your neighborhood!

[Note: All the 5 Exercises stated above involve some kind of physical action. Thus, make sure that you do not stretch yourself, as it might result in an injury. Exercise well and stay healthy!]