Top 5 foods to keep your Brain Healthy


Speaking technically, the brain is the Logical unit of our body. Speaking under the basis of some organization, the brain is the CEO who gives the orders for the execution of all the processes of your body. Thus, this surely does mean to you that the Brain is the most important organ that we have in our body. No one would be able to deny that fact. Nowadays, even a heart failure is not considered as death unless the brain stops working. With some shock at high voltage, there still remains a chance that the heart might just spring up to life, but with the brain single damage is a permanent one. Now what becomes inevitable is the fact that we need to take utmost care of our brain so that we can function to our best possible extent. For this to happen, it is extremely important that we provide our brain with the best possible nutrients.

Here are the top 5 foods to keep your brain healthy!

1. Chocolate as a health changing food!


There are many people who have a lot of problem with the fact that chocolate being loved by so many kids. Well, tell me that whether you would still stop your kid from having chocolate if I said that Chocolate helps in the development of the brains to a great extent.  It is seriously true. Pure chocolate is probably the best food that your child can have for a better brain development. But then again, you must not forget about cavity as well!

2. Egg as a health changing food!


It is not the time to think that who is was first? The hen or the Egg! The main thing is that the hen lays eggs and it is good for the development of the brain cells. Who though that this huge single cell had so much to donate to our brains. That is why it is a common advise among the doctors that give your kid one egg everyday! In reality it is the Vitamin B12 that is of so important and is found in abundance in the Egg!

3. Green or Black Tea as a health changing food!


Confused about what to take as a morning beverage along with the newspaper? I would say that Green or Black tea will be the most obvious choice. You might thing that why Tea ahead of Coffee, then let me remind you that it is not any tea. I am referring to green tea or black tea. Make sure you have it. It is probably the best way to start a day for the grownups!

4. Nuts as a health changing food!

Have nuts or you will be driven nuts! Well, jokes apart, it is quite a well known fact that Nuts are one of best nutritional foods that you can have for your brains. The amount that the Nuts can provide to your brain, I certainly doubt that whether any other food products can do the same or not? Nuts are also the major suppliers of Vitamin B6 and E which is very useful for the brains.

5. Grains and Pulses as a health changing food!


Well, if you are looking for the maximum amount of carbohydrates and proteins for your brains, then you should be rather concentrating on pulses, rice, and wheat. The amount of protein that your brain can derive from these foods is quite exceptional and thus beneficial for you.

[Note: Brain is the most important organ of your body. Thus make sure you take full precaution and provide all the required nutrients to your brain. After all, the 21st century man needs to think a lot!]