Sleep and Beauty: The Top 5 Tips


How would you react is someone told you that there is a high possible of being a shade better than others when it comes to staying healthy and looking good with just some good amount of sleep! Well, this would certainly make me a lot happy but the sad story behind this is that how many people among us really have the facility to have the kind of sleep that we like? Probably the percentage will be less that 10% of the total number of people reading this post! But here are some true facts that can seriously prove to be useful when it comes to having a healthy life with just some amount of good sleep.

Here are the main 5 points that you need to keep in mind to stay healthy:

1. A sleeping Schedule:


Just like you have a schedule of your work; it is also important that you keep a good track of the sleeping habits of yours. It is important to get a peaceful sleep for about 8 – 10 hours in a period of 24 hours. Well, this is not just like a statuary warning, but without a scheduled daily sleep, the health can break down very easily which can very well leave an imprint on your face as well!

2. Distance Smoking, drinking with sleep:


It has been seen that a good sleep can be easily hampered with alcohol and nicotine. That is why it is highly advisable that you should not be smoking or drinking within 1 hour of sleep. This not only disturbs your sleep but your system also does not smoothen easily. The obvious result is that you do not get rid of the tiredness and it is carried on to the next day.

3. Sleep with the lights off


Eyes tend to look for the slightest amount of light that they get. Thus, most of the psychologists and doctors of mental health advise that one should make it a habit of sleeping in complete darkness. If you do not switch of the light, the main trouble is with your brain. The eye continue searching for the light and in the process keeps the brain working even after your body has decided to rest. This creates the imbalance that clearly shows on your health.

4. Try some Yoga before sleep


There is absolutely no harm in doing some Yoga about 30 minutes ahead of your sleep. What this does is it calms your main and when the mind is at peace it shows on your health as well. Make sure, you do not get into extensive exercise as it will result in added tiredness which is not at all desirable. A peaceful mind always makes your face glow in the morning.

5. Romantic Mood Helps in sleep


Romance does not refer top extensive love making sessions in this case. What you can do is have some good conversation with your partner or the read some novels that have a sense of love and romance in it. It makes you happy and in turn you give your body a peaceful sleep!

Now when you have read and gone through all the points, let me deliver the conclusion for you! Sleep is not like some sort of beauty product that you have to apply on your face. Sleep is an important member of a natural process that makes you healthy and in turn makes your look happy and glowing. Thus, maintaining a good sleeping order is not only good but at the same time helpful.

[Note: Over sleeping on weekends cannot compensate for the loss of natural sleep. Thus, look to maintain a daily sleep schedule. Sleep is not like studying, that you sleep for 2 extra hours on the weekend and the loss is compensated. Sleep tight, stay healthy!]