Well, it is so true that it is the fast food that brings the saliva right to the tip of our tongue. Be it a kid or a well grown woman, edibles like Burgers and Pizzas are always welcomed on a table. But the issue is that we often tend to forget that the place from where we are having our food is not the best when it comes to hygiene. But then again when it comes to mouth watering foods, we tend to forget everything. We must learn is the act in such a way so that we can stop ourselves from eating from the most unhygienic place in your locality!


Here are the top 5 places from where you should not eat anything!


1. Do not eat from a stall around a gutter


More often than not Gutter is the place that is the home of many bacteria and viruses that can cause some serious issues to you. In spite of all these we will find the street side food stalls are often located nearby some gutter. Yes, I know the smell makes you Salivate, but control. You can obviously have a better roll at some other place.

2. Do not eat from a stall around crossing

Frankly speaking, this is my personal experience. While driving I have noticed that most of the fast food sellers set up their shop at roadside crossings. Interestingly, this is the very place where most of the cars come to a stop and before leaving again gift us a huge cloud of un-burnt hydrocarbons and smoke. And all of these deposits on the food that you might find great to eat. That might lead you to a bead in the hospital.

3. Do not eat from a stall outside a local Hospital

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Speaking of Hospital, I remembered what we learnt in school about medicines and hygiene and about the spread of contagious diseases. None of us will agree that the local hospitals keep a great eye at the clause of Hygiene. They might do it inside but outside the hospital the risks involved are great.

4. Do not eat from a stall around a festival scene

Festivals are to enjoy. You will surely not want your child to fall ill after a festival. It has been seen in most of the cases, that the fast food vendors to not take the effort of maintaining the hygiene that is necessary at the minimum. To add to that the quality of the food also foes low to a great extent. You can obviously have a burger mat any other time of the year.

5. Do not eat from a stall that does not provide a sealed cover

This is not a case of some exact place. But if you ask me, such situations happen over and over again. The vendors do not put a sealed cover on the food that they are vending which allows each and everything to fall on it! At least a cover is expected such that there is a reduction in chance of contamination.

I might have said a lot of things, but frankly speaking, we cannot stop ourselves from the intoxication smell of the burnt barbeque or the Burger. What is needed is a realization that if it cannot be stopped, it at least must be minimized for our own good!