When I use the term Health Changing, the obvious reason is the fact that the topic that I am about to discuss is related to a factor that can change the health from bad to good or even from worse to the best. Vaccines are one such entity that has had its benefits on the human kind without the prior knowledge or confidence of the human species themselves.


But the sad part is that just like the good things bring together a sense of fear with it, the Vaccines are also thought to be the ones that you should not intake. The humankind has always had its own apprehensions and the Vaccines were not barred from it!

Here are the top 5 misconceptions about Vaccines!

1. Vaccines can kill children


Well, this is something that I have read a lot about. Many people have an idea that Vaccines have the potential strength of taking away the newly gifted life of a baby. In most of the cases, these apprehensions have been received for the groups of tribal people from all over the world. I will not be bias in this context. Yes it is true that incidents have happened that have led to deaths after vaccination, but precisely not due to the composition of the vaccine. In support of vaccines, there are many examples that show that Vaccines have saved the life of so many people.

2. Vaccines and Allergies


This is yet another section where there have been a lot of talks against vaccines. There is a belief amongst the people that vaccination might just lead to some specific kind of an allergy. According top the concept, the chemical content of a vaccine can lead to contamination of the human system and lead to abnormalities like rashes and breathing troubles like Asthma. Well, I hope everyone know the fact that it was because of a Vaccine that Small Pox has been eradicated long ago!

3. Vaccines and Religion

Every human is rightly entitled to his own thoughts and beliefs, the beliefs can be religious or scientific. And this is where the trouble starts. There is a misconception amidst some religious communities that Vaccines are created from some animals that are not religiously at same level of the humans. Thus, it is a sin to intake such things. To these people I have just one question to ask, what you and your God would prefer, a living and healthy child due to proper vaccination or an ailing one due to lack of it?

4. Vaccines and Neurological disorders

Vaccines are chemicals treated in such a way that they protect the human body so that we do not remain susceptible to diseases. But there exists some communities who are of the belief that the chemicals in the vaccines can lead to severe neurological trouble in a presumably healthy child. This might happen but frankly speaking I would say that it is important to keep faith on the masters of the knowledge than leaving your child un – vaccinated and prone to deadly diseases.

5. Vaccines and Pregnancy


When any pregnant lady goes to a doctor, the first thing that a doctor asks her to do is get proper medics and vaccinations for her baby. But due to the misconceptions, it has been seen that approximately less than one – fifth of the pregnant women get the proper things done. It is believed that the newborn is too soft to take on the heavy chemicals. In turn the loss is conceived.

When I was reading about the misconceptions, I realized that in spite of the fact that we have already landed our foot on the moon, climbed the Everest so many times but when it comes to faith we still love to cling on with some illogical concepts. I have myself been vaccinated for all the major diseases and am a healthy and strong person. I have never had any side effects and there are some many other men who will say the same. I just have one request; do not cling on to something that harms your child. Incidents may happen anytime but that does not mean that your will leave your most precious belonging under the threat of such deadly diseases.

[Note: Vaccination is important. Get your child Vaccinated in order to secure a strong and healthy future for him so that after you are gone he can take care of his child! Life is important!]