5 feelings to keep a relationship going

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Relationship is that situation in a human’s life where you feel that there is a lot to do and yet it might happen that after some time you find nothing to do at all. In the last century, we have seen a lot of cases where even long term relationships have crumbled under the pressure of the world and more importantly, the pressure of the partners. One has to realize this thing very quickly that a relationship cannot exist if only one partner is putting in all the efforts and the love. There has to be a bit of all the feelings from both sides.

Here is a list of the 5 most important feelings in a relationship


Trust is like the pillars of a house; the stronger it is the longer the house will stand. If it turns out to be weak, then there are fair chances that the house will crumble down someday soon. The scenario is very much the same in case of a relationship as well. If the pillar of trust is strong, the relationship will surpass all the trouble that strikes both of you. Both the partners need to trust each other and be together in the times of crisis.


Compromise is yet another feeling that needs to exist in a relationship. Most of the divorce cases are due to the fact that the partners cannot compromise certain acts of each other and thus things fall apart. Somebody has to adjust and this has to be done by the more sensible person in most of the times. Soon you will see that your partner will also try and understand the need to compromise.


Passion is something that can exactly do the act of kindling all the feelings about the other partner. Believe me when I say that, the passion to hold someone’s hands has made many on – the – edge relationships come to life. Love is all about passions and life is all about love.


Humor can make you laugh and we all know the fact that laughing not only releases the pressure but also makes sure that you feel free. Thus, one needs to have a bit of Humor in their relationship just as to spice up the things a bit. Laughing only helps. Once you start laughing, the world will be a complete new and better place altogether.


Support is something that is extremely important. It makes the relationship stronger by making the other person realize that you are with him or her. Just the case that you show your support in the time of crisis, makes them believe that they can come out of anything. Financial support is not everything. Emotional support is much more important that it!

[Note: A relationship is a bliss. Do not let it fall due to some trivial issues of feelings. Express your feelings and you will see that love can take your relationship to a completely different world.]