5 Tips to make your hands beautiful

Nails with flower How would you feel to shake hands with a person who does not even keep his or her own hands in good shape? Now you will ask what the connection with a hand and the shake is. You can very well go and ask this question to a lady! Hands are those organs of a body that portrays the kind of care that you have towards yourself and thus ultimately to your things and the ones in relation.  A soft hand shows that the soft and caring nature of a person which is so very much common in women. That is the very reason why I will be telling you the 5 things that you must do to keep your hands soft and beautiful.

  • Use Good quality Soap for your hands

    In most of the cases, the prime reason for the hands to get coarse is the soaps that we use. The Sodium Sulphate reacts with the skin. The reaction destroys a lot of the skin cells and thus makes the skin of the hands rough. This increases in the dry season when the effects are much worse and deform your hands to a great extent.

  • Clean Your Nails Regularly

    ssssssMost of the work that we do is with the fingers and thus the nails are subjected to huge amount of dust and germs. The dust also gives a blackish tinge to your nails which makes them look dirty. To add to it, the germs in the nails go in with the food and can very well lead to an upset stomach.

  • Shape your Nails

    Every woman likes to have a long nail. That helps in creating an aura of beauty all around her. This is the main reason why it is important to shape your nails in the proper way as they will only add to the good looks. Plus, unshaped nails are prone to breakage which in turn can cause pain.

  • Nail paints

    bg1There is no health involved in applying nail enamel. But hey, it makes your nails look absolutely awesome. The correct color and the correct shape can make a woman look astonishingly beautiful. Nail paints can also be made creative with some amount of arts or designs to add to the beauty.

  • Apply Cream

    This is by far the most important thing that needs to be kept in mind. This point is especially for the ones who travel a lot owing to their work. Look to apply moisturizing creams daily on your palms and the hand. The dirt and the heats that your body goes through every day is toiling enough. To add to it, the work done by the hand makes it stiff and thus results in dead cells. It is important to remove the dead cells by applying moisturizing cream or lotion.


[Note: Drink lots and lots of water every day. It is possibly the best food that you can have to keep your features beautiful. After all, a woman is a thing of beauty, care and respect.]