Prostate Cancer: Symptoms


Prostate Cancer is one of those diseases that does not kill you but mat the same time does not leave a life for you to live. Prostate Cancer affects the prostate glands of a man and slowly creeps into the reproductive system of the person. Before we actually study about Prostate Cancer, we should gather some knowledge about the gland itself.

What is the Prostate Gland?

The Prostate Gland is an Exocrine Gland in the body of a man with the size of a walnut. The gland is located just ahead of the rectum and below the bladder.  One of the major purposes of the Prostate gland is control of urination in men. To add to this, the prostate gland also plays a very important role in the orgasm of a man. Before the orgasm reaches its height and ejaculation talks place, a sticky liquid is excreted. This liquid is secreted from the Prostate gland and it clears the urinary tract clearing the way for proper passage of sperms.

What is Prostate Cancer?


Prostate Cancer is a slow moving Cancer where the growth of Cancer cells are actually imbibed from the bones or blood. Prostate Cancer happens only with men and is extremely painful, considering the fact that it does not end your life so easily. The Prostate Gland played a very important role male reproductive system and in the case where the Prostate Gland is affected, the reproductive system also gets adversely affected. It is extremely difficult to detect the rate of growth of Cancer cells at Prostate because of the fact that they are no easily discovered. In most of the cases, it is diagnosed after the pain increases to limits beyond the levels.

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General Symptoms

  1. There is profound increase in the frequency of Urination.
  2. Excruciating pain while urination.
  3. Blood mixed with Urine.
  4. Pain while having sexual intercourse and ejaculation.

[Note: Prostate Cancer can seriously result in a real slump in your life. Although you might not be killed easily, there will a lot of difference in the life that you live and would have preferred to live.]