5 Regular Tips for Regular Care of Eyes

Just like the statement says that ‘Beauty lies in the Eyes of the beholder’, the beauty also lies in the eyes of all the beholders. They are the most coveted organs that we the humans actually have. The beauty that is all around us is visible to us only because of the ‘eyes’ that we have. A beautiful eye is what all women want. An eye with vigor is what all men want but here is a list of the things that your eye wants every day. All you will have to do is take out 5 -10 minutes of your busy schedule and you will have the healthiest and the most beautiful eyes for the beholder.


Tip 1:

A regular eye check up helps in keeping our eyes in good health. Diseases like glaucoma, diabetic eye disease and AMD (age related macular degeneration) do not show any early signs. Regular check-ups help in taking necessary steps against these diseases before it worsens. A dilated eye exam not only detects these diseases in early stage but also detects other related problems.

Tip 2:

Applying 2 slices of fresh cucumber for 10 minutes on eyes relaxes and refreshes the eyes. They keep our eyes cool and precisely help in reducing the effects of stress on the looks of yours.

Tip 3:

Wearing sunglasses protects our eyes from harmful U-V rays. Taking a break of 30 seconds after every 20 minutes while working for long hours before the computer De-stresses our eyes. Special glasses with ARC (anti-reflection coating) can also be used.

Tip 4:

Make it a habit that after a long hour of work in front of the computer or anywhere in your working field you go to the washroom and splash water slowly in your eyes. This not only cools it but also clears out the dirt that goes into it. Make sure that you do not splash water into the eyes hard else you might end up having a red eye.

Tip 5:

Yoga and Meditation does help a long way. This is especially for the women who do not find the time to help your eyes after all the work at office and at home. Just meditate for some time like a ten minute period before falling off to sleep. Meditation helps you to concentrate on the peace all around you and in turn makes them sooth away into the dreams.

[Note: Doing all these does not mean that your eyes will always be as healthy they are. Certain things change with age. Make sure you consult the doctor]