5 main sexual problems that men suffer from!


Let us not be shy at all and realize the fact that the physical relation that exists in a relationship has a lot to do with the evolution of the emotional bonding as well. To be really true to me readers I will not hold myself from telling the fact that the act of ‘Love Making’ is probably one of the most important things that is required to maintain a healthy relationship. Every human have their own sets of needs and at the same time their own sets of fantasies. When it happens that any of the partners is unable to fulfill certain wants and wishes, there starts to develop a crack in the fort of the existence. The crack does not mean that the love decreases, but it means that the body is not satisfied. This happens a lot in case of men as they are one of the species who are mostly affected by some typical disorders that leads to bad things in their life. Today I will light up the area with certain sexual problem that is generally faced by Men in their daily life.

5 main sexual issues in Men


Impotence is mainly termed as Erectile Dysfunction. But I would like to refer it to as Impotence so that my readers can actually connect with the issues. Impotence is a state where the male sex organ is not strong enough to hold up the erection for a long time. This means that before the intercourse actually takes place, the erection is lost and it most of the time leaves the partner ‘high and dry’.

Size of the Organ

The size of the organ is of quite some importance in case of men. This is primarily due to the fact that the orgasm in women is dependent on it. In case that the organ is of a small size, it does not reach the G – spot and as a result the emotions do not actually develop. Many men suffer from the disorder. There are certain exercises that can be followed to gain some help related to the issue.

Lack of Testosterone secretion

Testosterone is the hormone that stimulates the sexual organs in case of men. If it happens that the amount of testosterone secreted in not up to the required amount, the erection fails. Continuing with the flow of events, the partners remain unsatisfied. Although there is nothing in the hands of the male, but he is the one who has to face the embarrassment.

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Early Ejaculation

This is a common problem in the case of most men. The ejaculation of sperms takes place quite early and as a result the phenomenon of making love to your partner stops unexpectedly leading to mental disturbance and dissatisfaction. Most of the doctors prescribe exercises to men suffering from the disorder. The exercises will help the male counterpart to hold on the ejaculation to allow sometime for the emotions to develop.

Time difference in Orgasm

The time difference in the orgasm of men and women are one of the major issues in case of dissatisfaction in relationships. Women take some time to reach their orgasm in general cases and if the male partner reaches there first, the ejaculation takes place and the woman is barred from the orgasm. If this happens constantly, it can also lead to various health issues.

[Note: Love is not all about Sex but at the same time Love does need a healthy sexual relationship to exist.]