Keto Diet Meal Plan for Beginners Interested In the High-Fat Diet ...

One of the reasons keto is such a popular diet is that it’s massively easy to stick to. Most people fall off of their diets because they miss the foods they really love. Any diet that takes away pizza, burgers, tacos, and dessert is going to be hard to adhere to. When you feel deprived, you’re never having a good time.

Keto allows you to eat almost everything you want with just a few modifications to the carb content of those foods. Since keto is high in fat and moderate in protein, you never have to sacrifice on flavor. It’s barely any extra effort to fit your favorite things to eat within your keto diet.

  1. Pizza

Making keto pizza is easy. By making your own sauce from tomato puree without added sugar and fashioning your own crust, everything else can stay just about the same. Cheese is a very keto friendly food. Sausage and pepperoni fit well within the parameters of a ketogenic diet.

By fashioning your own pizza crust out of eggs, cheese, butter, and a little bit of almond flour, you can eliminate most of the carbs without sacrificing the flavor and texture. Yes – you’re making pizza crust out of crispy baked cheese. You might even find that you enjoy it more than you enjoy bready crust.

  1. Omelets

Omelets are a hearty breakfast, and eggs are the keto dream food. Load your omelet up with as much ham, bacon, and sausage as you desire. Pack it up with melty cheese, peppers, tomatoes, and onions, and cook it in butter. Bake it in a well oiled round pan and cut it, serving it as a crustless quiche. With hearty and savory egg and protein based breakfasts, you’re unlikely to miss the carbs of oatmeal, cereal, potatoes, and toast. You’ll be so full that you won’t need them.

  1. Burgers

The keto diet does change the burger experience. Most people are used to a toasted bun and a side of fries. Those are the only two things that really have to go – everything else is still fair game. You can make your burgers however you want. Pan fry them or grill them and serve them with lots of cheese on top. Add flavor with garlic, jalapeno peppers, roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, or low sugar condiments. Wrap them in lettuce if you aren’t the type to indulge with a knife and fork.

  1. Cheesecake

There’s plenty of room for sweets. You can still see impressive keto weight loss results while indulging in low carb desserts. Cheesecake made from real vanilla, coconut yogurt, and cream cheese is the perfect keto treat when you substitute sugar with erythritol, a zero carb sugar alcohol. Fashion a simple crust out of coconut oil and almond flour to make the experience feel authentic, or skip the crust altogether and enjoy the filling all by itself.

  1. Tacos

Keto tacos are a big deal, and they’re always delicious. Pile them up with meat, cheese, tomatoes, onions, avocado, jalapenos, and sour cream. The only thing you need to do differently is change the tortilla. Tortillas made of almond flour or cauliflower are significantly lower in carbs. Some people use thin baked egg whites to substitute tortillas. Cheese lovers choose to serve keto tacos in shells made entirely out of baked cheese.


Almost all the foods you’ve previously considered a guilty pleasure are perfectly fine on a keto diet with just a few small modifications. Keto may involve a little more home cooking than most people are used to, but some extra time is a small sacrifice to be able to enjoy all of the “junk food” things you love while still losing weight.