Hair Transplant on Scar: Yes It Works, Here's How

Did you know that the average person suffers from hair loss?

Hair is one of those important human characteristics that make us as humans feel confident, beautiful, and unique. For many people, hair is closely linked to their identity and a way for them to show their personality off.

So what happens when that is taken away from you? What is a person to do when they start to lose their hair and feel like their identity is being stolen from them?

The good news is, there have been numerous medical advancements that allow for various hair growth treatments and options. One of those options, one that is common for many people, is getting hair transplants.

Basically, what happens during this procedure is that hair from another part of the body is grafted and implanted on the scalp, allowing for the body to regenerate hair growth naturally again. This process has been around for almost 100 years, with the first recorded procedure taking place in Japan back in 1939! With all these years of experience, medical professionals have gotten the hair transplant procedure down to a fine science with fantastic results for thousands of patients!

But yet, one of the most commonly asked questions patients still have on this procedure is if it will hurt? To help ease your mind of what to expect if you are considering a hair transplant procedure, here are some important things to consider.

  1. It has a high success rate

A study four years ago shows that up to 80% of patients who undergo hair transplant surgery see full growth of hair in that area in around three to four months. But it is important to remember that while there is a high success rate, every patient will have different results

  1. You pay for qualified experts

While the procedure will cost a couple of thousand dollars, you are paying for experts to ensure that the surgery goes perfectly. You will have a certified surgical technician and a team of assistants overseeing the surgery to minimize the risk of anything going wrong

  1. The recovery process is different for everyone

The process itself can take a mere couple of hours to an entire week to complete—it depends on the extent of the surgery. After the surgery is complete, you can expect the area to be well dressed with bandages and most likely, an injection of triamcinolone to reduce any swelling in the area.

  1. It is normal to feel weird sensations

Because your surgery involves going under the knife, chances are there will be some sensations of pain or soreness. But your doctor will well-equip you to handle the recovery by prescribing you with pain killers and antibiotics. The sensations are generally very mild, so do not worry!

  1. The patient has a responsibility of care after the surgery

Just because you had the surgery does not mean all the work is now complete. A patient who has undergone hair transplant surgery will need to be extra careful around washing and brushing their hair and avoid putting anything on or near the ear for at least three days.

  1. The hair will fall out, and that is a good thing

It is 100% normal for the grafted hair to fall out. This is a normal part of the entire procedure so do not stress when this happens! It means that now your body is ready to naturally grow your own hair again in that area!

Like all surgeries, it is important to consult with medical professionals around any concerns you might have. But in terms of hair transplant surgery, it is often met with minimal pain and maximum hair growth results!