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With NEET 2020 exams just around the corner, medical aspirants are gearing up for the exams and how! It has more often than not been observed that students preparing for the exams are bombarded with thoughts of whether to take up a NEET crash course or indulge in self-study.

NEET exams demand rigorous attention and absolute dedication. If you have these in you, it is certain for you to ace exams with a good ranking. Whatever the means of cracking the exam, here we bring to you five must-do things you must cover while preparing for NEET exams. The interesting bit here is that these tips have been suggested by NEET toppers over the years, who had followed these tips to crack their NEET exams. Here is the list:

  1. Be aware of the ground rules, completely! Gather all the material and information from it such as from the syllabus, blue-print of chapters, exam pattern, marking scheme, time duration and so on. Document your strengths and weak points, plan accordingly.
  2. Get acquainted with the syllabus and practise thoroughly. Uncompromising practice is expected to crack NEET for qualifying. You can thoroughly revise topics by covering all questions, additional information related to questions and analyzing each question along with the options provided. This helps to broaden your knowledge and logical thinking, alongside enhancing your confidence level to pick the right option. Take up mock tests, solve a new question paper every day.
  3. Pick the right mix of books, seek help in case of doubts. There are a ton of books, but the ideal ones are NCERT books. Start with mastering NCERT books and then move to related sources. Seek online assistance or expert’s advice if you are stuck with any doubt regarding NEET preparation or even to pick up the right study material, for that matter.
  4. Don’t forget to maintain a test series program. Here you maintain a record of daily tests you take up and notice your progress. Take up topic-wise tests. You may even download and practice past year papers from a plethora of sources available out there. Once you complete the test, calculate your score and compare with the NEET cut-off for the previous year. Do this regularly and notice your progress.
  5. A healthy mind is equally vital. Take good care to prepare with a healthy mind. Indulge occasionally in activities you like doing for a brief time, take frequent breaks, get adequate sleep and stay focussed.

Apart from these tips, make sure you have registered for NEET 2020 after thoroughly going through NEET Eligibility criteria. Stay updated with the latest on NEET 2020.

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