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Diarrhea is considered the second most serious health issue for young children. A variety of reasons can cause it. But, whatever the reason may be, parents should be attentive to their children when the young ones have diarrhea. There’s always the risk of complications that may lead to a more severe health problem or even death.

For diarrhea, the right practices are critical for quick recovery. However, a lot of parents are still guilty of making a few mistakes when it comes to dealing with diarrhea. To put a halt to these, rounded up below are eight of the most common boo-boo’s parents commit when dealing with children’s diarrhea.

1. Not insisting on rehydration

When the kids make frequent trips to the toilet for bowel movement, they lose a lot of water. Therefore, it’s important to make them drink after every trip.

At times, the little ones do not want to drink because they’re physically fatigued and would rather sleep instead. Do not let them dictate how often they should drink, be an authoritative parent and insist on rehydration. If they complain about being made to drink, make them take frequent sips of water or Pedialyte, especially when their tummy is hurting.

2. Delaying the trip to the doctor

Some parents still prefer to wait it out and see if the condition will get better before seeing the doctor. This is a big no-no. Time is crucial when it comes to children’s diarrhea.

After a day of frequent painful and watery bowel movement, head to the doctor right away to determine the true cause of the diarrhea. Also, you don’t want children to suffer for longer than is necessary. It’s best to get a prescription right away for the appropriate diarrhea medicine for kids and start the healing process.

3. Massaging the stomach

Massage can be quite relaxing but when a child is suffering from diarrhea, avoid pressing on his tummy. This will only aggravate the discomfort he’s feeling.

What you should do instead is to just lightly rub his belly, perhaps with a bit of orange oil or balm, which is known to bring relief to hurting, upset stomachs. In some children, a heated pouch can also relax contracting stomach muscles and help them sleep better.

4. Giving more milk

Milk is a fantastic source of nutrition for children. However, if you rely on milk formulas for the kids, they may be too rich and creamy. Also, some children suffer from diarrhea because of lactose intolerance. Dairy products are known to be hyper-allergenic and may just only aggravate diarrhea symptoms.

So, instead of relying too much on milk for sustenance, prepare soups. Clear vegetable soups are a great choice. It’s okay to continue giving your children milk though (if they are not lactose-intolerant), just make sure that’s not all they drink, provide them with water or Pedialyte.

5. Playing with sick children

Some parents still want to hear happy squeals from their children, even when they’re sick. They would rock them and blow raspberries on their tummies. If you’re the same, put this habit to rest for a bit.

It’s best for children with diarrhea to not get physically stimulated and exhausted. Just let them rest because physical exertion will cause them to sweat, which means that you would have to rehydrate more often. Not only that, excitement can overstimulate muscles and increase stomach discomfort. Cuddle your children in bed instead and be as accessible as possible while they are ill.

6. Giving cold treats

Ice treats like popsicles and slushies can take away nausea or vomiting in children (everybody actually), but they are a big no-no for diarrhea. The extreme temperature will cause stomach muscles to contract more.

To treat nausea in kids, which at times accompanies diarrhea, use essential oils for them to sniff. Peppermint and orange can help ease the gagging reflex. A few drops in an aroma diffuser can do the trick. You can purchase this small home appliance online and place it near your children’s beds.

7. Giving sugary treats

Again, when children lose their energy, a lot of parents long to instantly revive normal behavior. So, they give their kids candies, chocolates, and other sugary treats to make them happy, which can automatically raise energy levels. These are bad if children are suffering from diarrhea though because sugar can make symptoms worse because it’s acidic.

8. Giving apple juice

Apple juice may be the little ones’ favorite drink but it’s simply not a good choice of beverage when they have diarrhea. Apple juice has a lot of natural sugar in it, and it’s known to worsen the symptoms of diarrhea. In fact, health professionals say you’re not supposed to give kids (and even adults) apple juice at least a week after recovering from diarrhea.

Now that you’re aware of these mistakes, you can avoid committing any of them in the future and ensure your children’s speedy recovery from diarrhea.