The heat in the Summer is well and truly on. To be a part of this heat seems like a heck of a job. In spite f the heat tearing your skin down it is important that you hit the road for your needs and work. Now when it is mandatory that you will have to leave the shelter of your house and venture into the heat, take some time to cool off. There are quite a few places that you can visit this summer. The places to visit this summer will not only make you feel better but will also rejuvenate your body and mind.  5 Places to visit this summer

The Pool by the Sunset

This is one of the places where you can be at the cheapest of the prices. Dive in the pool and let the coolness soak in the heat. You can be there with your friends, your family or even with your partner to enjoy the evening.

Visit some River Side

Although you might feel that what does a riverside have to enhance your body? But take my word for it, the place will offer you the best quality of wind. The soothing breeze will take away the heat of your body as well as your brain!

An earthly place

Do not think that I am asking you to dig deep into the earth! Well, any ground or a shaded street with green trees will make you feel cool. This is the very reason why Parks are the best place to wander during the summers.

Your AC room

Your AC room

Now we have moved a lot outside your house. It is time to venture into it! Frankly speaking the best place to be in such a situation is the air conditioned room of yours. Switch on the AC and get cool!

Go to the Bathroom

If you have already thought of something, then can bet you have the wrong brains. I am asking you to go to the bathroom and take a bath. It will make you feel fresh like anything in this Summer.