Depression and Its causes  Depression: The unwanted state

Depression is one of the worst things that you will wish to be a part of. The most unwanted thing about depression is the fact that it can lead you into more trouble. Well in this article I will not speak a lot about Depression and its faces but will move to some issues that can bring the life of a man into the dungeons of Depression without any invitation.

I will not explain what Depression is! We all are very well aware of the exact meaning of the word. The thing that causes the issue is the fact that how much does Depression occur out of the daily lives that we live. You might ask that why are well talking about daily lives and depression. The truth is that majority of the issues that we face in the name of Depression are the children of the daily things that we do.

Depression is like a game that plays through your mind slowly and steadily poisoning it and later on laying down the eggs of more dangerous effects. Now the next question that arises is that Why does depression take place? IS it because of unhappiness? Is it because of Lack of satisfaction? Well, the answer is yes as well as no at the same time. Depression is related to unhappiness but is not the child. The case is same to satisfaction. Instead, Depression occurs because we do not strife to be happy. When wrong things happen, we tend to accept that wrong has happened and sink into a mood of depression! We dive into the ocean of unsatisfactory things because we actually do not know what to expect from life. We tend to ignore the fact that one cannot always have the good times. It is important to realize that Depression is something that is given birth by our own desires, wants and wishes. It starts to exit because we cannot accept failure.

The truth is that there is no medicine for depression. We need to learn to accept or failures and success. Unless we learn to do so, mankind will be handed by depression of all sorts.]