How essential is removal of make-up?

Make-up removal

It is important to remove the make-up at the end of the day. It is essential to enable the skin to breathe and regenerate it. During the day it is not only make-up that is there on the skin. Other than that your face is exposed to a lot of dirt and pollution. So it is necessary to clean your face. Non-removal of make-up affects your face very adversely causing damage to the face and its pores and ultimately making the skin look dull. It clogs the pores leading to breakouts more frequently. If make-up becomes impacted into the face pores, it makes them look larger and noticeable. The natural exfoliation process of the skin is stopped if make-up stays on face for too long. It is also necessary to remove the make-up to avoid pimples and blackheads. People having acne-prone skin must take special care to remove make-up.


REMOVING  EYE  MAKE-UP:  Using a remover that is specially made for the eyes and the one which contains fewer chemicals  is best for removing eye make-up. Apply the eye remover on a cotton pad and gently remove the make-up around the eyes. Baby oil and wet wipes can also be used.


REMOVING LIP MAKE-UP:  These days there are lipsticks that last for  9-12 hours. And removing of these is a must. Remove these lipsticks by a mild cleanser on a cotton. After that , applying a coat of glycerin or petroleum jelly to add moisture to your lips and make it smoother.

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REMOVING MAKE-UP FROM THE CHEEKS: Do not use soap on the face because they makes the skin very dry. Instead use a facial cleanser. Apply it on the face with your fingers and allow it to stay for about 2 minutes so that it can penetrate into the skin through the pores. Lukewarm water can be used to wipe off the cleanser. If your skin is sensitive and prone to breakouts or acne or other allergies, an aloe-vera gel over a face pack comprising of rosewater can be used. Wet tissues dipped in rose water can be applied to the affected areas.

MOISTURIZING THE FACE:  It is important to use a clean towel wipe your face. After removing makeup, moisturize the face to make it soft and smooth.  A mild moisturizer or baby oil can be used for the purpose moisturizing the face and skin.