Natural Remedies To Control Hair Loss

Hair loss, a problem facing a large percentage of our population need not be something that costs us thousands of our hard earned money to control. Many hair loss cases are caused by factors such as aging, prolonged illness, split ends, stress, hormonal changes, genetics, medication such as steroids, and lack of proper nutrition among others.

Outlined below are remedies to help anyone, man or woman, get some notable control over hair loss.

Handle wet hair gently

Human hair is softest and most susceptible to breakage when wet. When wet, avoid rubbing your hair vigorously just to get it dry. A blow dryer is a good option when it comes to drying one’s hair as gently as possible. However, in the absence of a dryer it is advisable to let the hair dry out on its own as opposed to rubbing it with a towel.

Massage the scalp as often as possible

One cause of hair loss if the lack of enough blood flowing to the head; massaging the scalp region regularly will help stimulate the flow of blood to the head and in turn promote the growth of hair.

Opt for hair styles that do not require you to tie your hair tight

Just like all fibers, hair breaks under pressure, so unless it is absolutely necessary do not go for hairstyles that put a lot of pressure on the hair and scalp despite how fashionable they may make you look.

Minimize the number of times you style your hair

Hair styling is designed only to be seen, so when you do not need to go out it is important to let you hair rest. It is vital that you submit your hair to as little treatment as possible since the heat tends to dry out the shaft, making it fizzy and dry which over a period turns the hair hard and brittle.

Avoid washing your hair with hot water

Since most people prefer taking a hot shower to a cold one, it is therefore advisable to cover your hair when in the shower because the hot water tends to make the hair dry and fizzy. Only wash your hair in cold water or at least use water that is at room temperature.

Maintain a proper diet

Just like everything in your body, your hair is alive and needs the proper amount of nutrients in order to stay that way. First and foremost you will need to ensure that your diet is rich in proteins because these are the building blocks of the hair shaft. You will also need to ensure that your diet contains vitamins such as A, B complex, C and E. Vitamin B complex is best known for its role in hair growth and the prevention of hair loss. Vitamin C will help prevent premature graying. Lastly you will need to ensure that you take the daily recommended amount of Iron because Iron deficiency causes severe hair loss.

Work out as regularly as possible

A daily workout routine will help stimulate the flow of blood to the scalp, thereby reducing any chances of hair loss.

Reduce your caffeine intake

Tobacco smoking and the excessive consumption of caffeine depletes the body’s natural resources of nutrients, including the ones needed for strong hair. The effects of caffeine and nicotine in hair loss are especially stronger in individuals who already have dry hair.

Be gentle on the scalp

Use a shampoo that is mild and keep the scalp as far away from chemicals as possible.

Keep your body hydrated

Drink lots of fluids; as much as recommended daily.

Trim your hair regularly

This will help prevent complications arising from split ends.
Just like most things, hair loss prevention may or may not be within our control especially if factors such as genetics are involved. So it is therefore important to seek out professional assistance whenever in doubt. All Europeans who are holders of an E111 European Health Insurance Card may take advantage of this and consult a specialist to curb hair loss before it is too late.