3 simple exercises for the modern humans!


When talking about fitness let it be started with a frank and true word! With the time, it is happening that the numbers of people who can be called as obese are increasing day by day! The scenario is such that most of the people are well and truly on the path of creating some real havoc in their settled lives due to lack of fitness. When we search for the ways to put an end to it the first thing that comes to mind is the act of pulling down the weight by curbing the diet! Well, to a certain degree that is quite true but one cannot actually bring fitness into their system by cutting down of carbohydrates and fats. The truth is that Carbohydrates and fats are one of the major sources of energy that out body uses for the daily jobs. With a stop on it and growth on the expectation that you will grow fitter and leaner, you will be highly disappointed.

Now the question arises that is there nothing that can be done for the act of getting fit and yet at the same time there is no harm done to the body strength. Well, there are ways but for that you might just be needed to sacrifice a few minutes of your pleasure hours after the day or in the morning. You need to exercise. There are many such exercises that if done with dedication of 10 to 15 minutes can yield great results.

Here are the top three fitness exercises for modern day humans.

1. Pull ups


You can do this anywhere in your home. Just make sure that the thing on which you are hanging is strong enough to hold on to you!  10 minutes of dedication can really do wonders.

2. Push ups


Push ups is yet another simple exercise that can be done in order to develop he strength of your hands. They work rapidly to bring in fitness that allows you a firmer hold and a toned look on your arms. Make it a habit of 2 sets of 15 initially everyday or on alternate days to see the change.

3. Squats

modified shijie body weight squat 30th dec 10

This is often referred to as sit ups. This can bring in some great looking legs for the ladies as well as the gentlemen. Squats can actually make your legs strong and thus help in your fitness levels only.

[Note: The basic thing is that follow the three exercises and you will feel livelier than ever. Try it and thank later for the fitness that you have gained!]