5 simple foods to maintain fitness


The kind of life that we lead in the present time demands a lot from our body. It is correct to say that we do not have any means that allows us to keep in the correct state of health unless we ourselves take on the responsibility. To be very frank, the somewhat hectic schedule a working person has, it is not at all something common that allows them to look after their health. For working personnel, it is not just about the well being and future of him. He also has to look after the needs of his family and at the same time save enough to look after their future. In order to live life and at the same time live it with enough to save for the future requires a lot of hard work. In order to give this service of hard work one has to stay fit. Here are certain simple foods that take only tow minutes to consume but can have a great impact on your fitness!


  1. Raw Turmeric: Raw turmeric is of great help for the people who work for long hours without having the right amount of food at the right times. This has an adverse effect on the liver as well as the stomach. Thus, one can do with a small piece of turmeric early in the morning. This helps with the needs of the body.
  2. Milk With a honey: We all know that milk has its own medicinal properties. We also know that honey also has its own exclusive properties. Thus, mixing these two good things must not create any trouble other than goods. All one needs to do is to serve a cup of milk with a spoon of honey and drink before going to sleep. This will protect you from the trouble of cough and cold and ease your body from the tiredness after a day’s work.
  3. Milk with Turmeric: Previously I have already told about the benefits of raw turmeric. If you find raw turmeric difficult to have as it may taste bad, then you can have it with milk. Milk with turmeric increases your immunity power and at the same time gives you strength.
  4. Almonds: This might just not be possible for a majority of the people because of the cost that it has. However, if someone has the ability to have them, then I would suggest that they have 2 -3 almonds daily. This helps the body largely by providing it the protein of the highest quality.
  5. Dark Chocolate: There is absolutely nobody who does not like chocolates. Everyone does and that is very good. Nevertheless, what I am suggesting is that have your chocolates but not the milk ones. They add extra fat to your body, which might just turn out to be bad later on! Thus, go for dark chocolates. They help you with the extra calories during the heavy workload that you have and tend to have much less negative effects.