Cancer in Women: The Main Types

We all know a thing very well that Cancer is caused by the excessive growth of the unwanted cell tissues to such an extent that there is not a lot to rectify in the later stages. It is a disease which if crosses the third stage, and then it is only a matter of time before It results in the demise of a person. The disease might sound like it is a great and big disease but frankly speaking the main issues is with the cells that are affected. These infected cells grow up be tumors, which ultimately mend up in cancer. The Occurrence was not that common in Women earlier but with the passage of time, it is becoming an issue of Concern for many people and thus It is important to keep a track of the major cancer Infections in Women!

  1. Breast Cancer: Breast Cancer is one of the leading forms of Cancer, which affects Women all over the world. The main infection takes place in the cells of the breast, which develops into a tumor and then starts spreading all over to the other body part. It can be easily cured but if it has started spreading, it can very well be fatal. The major symptoms are swelling or change in the shape of the breast, excessive discharge or formation of muscular lumps!
  2. Cervical Cancer: The Cervical Cancer stands second when it comes to killing huge masses of population all across the World. The main infection takes place along the cervix of the woman and slowly spreads to the other parts leading to worse condition. The Virus that leads to Cervical Cancer can also be spread by sexual activities. The HPV test is to be done in order to check for the disease. The major symptoms include blood with urine, itching and pain!
  3. Ovarian and Vaginal Cancer: The Ovarian Cancer is a situation when the cell of the Ovaries gets affected by the cancer virus. Vaginal Cancer can be referred to as the infection of the skin lining along the ovaries. Both the cancer forms accounts for a huge portion of deaths in females. The main symptoms includes bleeding, bloating, itching and in some cases excessive abdominal discharge.