A Regular Walk reduces Breast Cancer


According to a recent article published in the Journal called Cancer Epidemiology, it has been said that there are excessively low risks of getting prone to breast cancer. To be more precise, the journal said that breast cancer in women in the menopause state of the reproduction cycle is much more prone to breast cancer. It said that this risk of a breast cancer could be effectively reduced if a woman took on walking as a part of regular exercise. Regular walking will affect and reduce the secretion of Insulin and estrogen and thus stop or prevent the growth of breast cancer.

We all know there is quite an intimate link of exercise and health. What we do not know is that how the exercise of walking can help in reducing cancer risks. The answer is quite simple. Walking being one of the more tedious exercises of all times does effect the hormones in such a way that the risks are reduced effectively.  According to the people, working on the information given in the journal the main confusion lies in the information that women have about it. Most of the women are completely un – aware of the fact that without the proper completion of the regular exercise or lack of exercise can result in this. Many will say that they even do not know many trivia about breast cancer.

According to the journal, doctors have also found out many other diseases that are extremely common in women and since the women of our society walk a lot less, thus have to suffer from them much more! Although the studies are not showing consistent graph but the disturbance is alarming enough for the women to buckle up and take care of themselves. Another way that can really help the women are the simple and healthy eating habits.