What is Cough?

Many such mechanisms that are followed by our body are initiated in order to throw away the foreign particles from our body! More often than not, it is the relation between Cough and mucus that makes us worry but there is a complete different variety of cough as well. Coughing is the process or rather the phenomenon that allows us to realize that there is something wrong with the body. Coughing is a symptom not a disease in itself. It enacts for the human body letting the brains know that there is some disease harboring in the system. There are precisely two kinds of Coughing mechanisms.

Productive Coughs

Productive Coughing is generally talked about with Mucus and other forms of viral diseases. The Mucus that is generated inside the body gets stored onside the lungs and as a result, there is the initiation of coughing.  The action of coughing actually shakes the whole system making the mucus to get loose and in this way, it is excreted away from the body! This mainly happens when the person is suffering from some kind of a viral infection, or some disease like pneumonia, tuberculosis, etc. Such form of coughing also results in liberation of mucus from the nose, which is another form of symptom as well.

Non – Productive Cough

Non-Productive coughing has literally nothing to do with normal illness. There are more likely to be of the coughing sequence that comes with the age of the human being. They take place due to allergies and with increase in age, these allergies goes to a further extent resulting in increase of the coughing as well. Such coughing also include the ones due to sudden blockage of windpipe and the food pipe, etc.  Asthma can also result in chronic coughing that can go on for ages.